Does anyone know of a good (and positive) spell to get back in touch with an old friend? I've tried contacting them and I haven't spoken to them in such a long time (a few years). We lost contact due to school and the huge distance between the two of us (both of us lived in separate countries). Any advice or help is much obliged; thank you very much for your help.

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And face my computer to the East =]
I dont know of any spells .then again i am new at this. I to am missing old frends i got close to over the years. wish i could meet up with them.again .Ill let time be my DR for this hart problum .If it is ment to be then so sheal it be.
Yeah, that's what I thought too, and situations like these are hard to let go of.
I've used sigil magic for the very same goal. Just write out a statement of intent (To contact or encounter XXX), remove the redundant letters, scramble the remaining letters, make a picture out of them, charge it and launch it off. I personally find it easiest to burn them or inscribe them into candles.

Just be sure why you really want to contact this person, and what you hope to gain from the encounter. I had an incident in which I once wanted to reconcile with an ex -- did not go well at all. At last the spell worked.
I hear ya. I've thought a lot about it, and I don't see any harm in any of it.
Awww that is such a cute idea. Thank you, I think I'll also use that for when my cat sneaks out (he's such a trouble maker D; ). I'll give it a try =)
I've heard of using the wind to call to people distant to us. I'm afraid I can't remember the spell.. I think it was from one of Cunninghams books...
I believe its from his Earth Power book, I came across it last night (destiny perhaps?).
This isn't the spell that Scarlet mentioned, but you can use this if you feel like.

Winds around me bend
A message I would have you send
To East and West, South and North
Seek out (persons name) as I send you forth
Boreus, Notus, Eurus, all
Zephyrus, come, heed my call

Sylphs of the air, gather near
Let (name), my missive hear
Swiftly flow over mountain, ocean or plain
That he (she) and I might speak again.

Personally, I would do this one out of doors when you have at least a steady breeze going. I would also use or some of the other people finders as well.
A, what a lovely spell. It sounds so pleasant I will definitely give it a try. What I plan on doing, is mixing a little of everything, and give it a try. Thank you all very much for all of your suppose and your amazing ideas.


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