I was wondering if anyone here uses finger labyrinths.  Someone suggested to me recently that I might like them.  If so, what is your favorite type?  Does paper work ok or is it better to use one with texture.  I saw a beautiful ceramic one in a goddess shape while searching on etsy.  What do you use it for:  relaxation, boredom relief, meditation, etc.? 

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I actually had a walking Labyrinth in one of my gardens when I had my farm, but since I moved and when I travel, I use a hand held Wooded Labyrinth. I have to have a nice texture with it, it makes it easier for me follow due to my eye sight problem. But I find it is very useful for most anything like Meditation, Grounding myself if I am stressed out. I use for meditation and many other reasons.



I think I would like something with texture to it, too.  The ceramic ones I looked at were nice but wood sounds interesting.  What kind of wood is it made out of?

Actually Sagemoon, I have 2 of them, one stays in my Suitcase so when I travel and is made from Bamboo, the other I have to here at home and it sits on my Dresser and it is made from Cherry Wood and has a very pretty pale red patina on it my daughter said. She also said the older they are getting, the patina them seems to give them that antique aged look of them.




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