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Members often complain that it's too large a category to search through to find topic specific content.  At last count, we have over 3,000 discussions in 'General Discussions' and over 9,000 in 'Daily Banter' that could be sorted better, but the effort is a labor as each discussion would have to be re-categorized individually.

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Just a reminder to the  new folks, please categorize your discussions accordingly.  If you don't choose a category, it defaults to Modern Paganism.  In order to maximize search results in the archives, categories and tags should be used properly. 

For some reason, it defaults to Modern Paganism because that used to be the 'General Discussions' category. It's a Ning glitch.  You have to force it back into the proper category.

"Thank you for your cooperation."   not to detract from your  post...but the  minute  i read that  i got a flashback to a  police action in themovie the 5th element. *snicker* sorry sorry..i was  ok..and then the last bit..*giggle*  

  sometimes it's hard to know which category to put stuff  under.

This is an old discussion from when new categories were added.

between the German comprehension of culture, which "has remained the watchword by which the Germans attempted to separate themselves from the remainder of the enlightened world", and the ascent of Hitler. Despotism has profound roots in hindu

When you pilot the most failed militaristic regime in all of human history, you have to redefine "enlightenment".


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