found this site by accident! would like to share it

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 Thank you for the great link, I am making a small quilt and these patterns are just the thing :o) 


Stay Blessed, Adolpha 



Thank you so much for this link. I sure do appreciate it

Just found this site - note that it's no longer online, but with the magic of the internet, you can still get to these free pagan designs: has a nice selection of pagan friendly free patterns.

Found two things that I think are fun:

1) "My Aunt's Attic" - a collection of 300 patterns found in an attic - some neat stuff is in there - full index

Here you'll just find all the charts, ordered by general shape or theme. - this is a lovely pattern of "La Nuit"

2) Dragon Dreams - If you're on Facebook, there's a bunch of dragon-themed freebies here:

..or there's her Christmyth ornament set here (which is pretty dang adorable):

This is also a great site:

(I'm linking to the one that's more relevant to our interests, but she has lots of free stuff that's well worth checking out.) is a little more Halloweeny than pagany, but some of it's very appropriate. :)

..this site also has a great Ouija board pattern. has a great pattern for a "summer goddess" pattern that's sorta Greenman-esque. has a cute set of witches and potions. has a nice pattern for Aquarius


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