Getting ready for labor: Advice for a first time mom.

Hello everyone. So I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my husband and I's first child, a daughter to be named Merrin Arlene. And we are both super exicted but also super nervous because we haven't gotten this far before! (I had two miscarriages prior to this). My husband and I are two different pagan "traditions", he being Asatru and myself being heavily celtic based eclectic. And we are taking this step both spiritually and rationally. Lol. The area that we live in does not support alternative birthing methods and we don;t have the money for a midwife and doctor at home so I am going to have her in a hospital. Due to my pain tolerance I will likely have an epidural (I know what I can and can't handle, so the option is there.)

I am curious, how many mothers and fathers out there found ways to tie the welcoming of their child or children into the world while still maintaining a normal labor in a hospital? I have heard a few things like decorating the room if they have time and having priests or priestesses present. 

We are just new and curious, since we aren;t entirely sure what to expect on all fronts. lol


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Congratulations to you both! It is such a wonderful journey. I dont have much advice on a spiritual level as I am still not sure the path I am taking personally. However, I just wanted to offer some advice, because this will all happen when you least expect it. I would gather a few small things that mean the most to you both and have it ready to go with you to the hospital in your bag. Make sure Dad has a pillow and a blankey too! so happy for you! :)

We have been talking about what should be in our go bag, maybe some crystals and things from out altar would be good? Something that bring us comfort? Thanks for the advice!

Just welcomed my seventh grandchild...a boy.

Family affair for sure. They let three stay for the delivery and we played soft music the whole time she was in labor. After a few hours of Mom and Dad time we invaded the room and passed him about and gave personal blessings. Had a proper naming last week end for Michael James with all the ritual stuff.

I never thought of the music idea! Maybe the husband and I could make a CD with music that we BOTH find calming? It might also help keep us centered too, as it can be very high stress. Lol! Our hospital allows three people in the room and my best friends and my husband are the picks unless my mom drives here in time (my entire family lives four hours away). I think birthing is a process for women honestly (not that men shouldn't be present or supportive, simply it is what women do) and having people around me that have had children (like both my friends and my mom) I know will make me feel so much better and safer.


I would keep the go bag simple. Pillows for you. Music to soothe the both of you. Some crystals would be good if that's your thing.

Also keep in mind there's s chance you won't be giving birth in a regular birthing room. Sounds like you're a high risk pregnancy so there's a chance you could be whisked off to the OR for delivery. I was. So simple should be a priority IMO.

Other than that I wouldn't worry sbout all the blessings and spiritusl stuff.just yet. I would do all that at home. Again...just my opinion based on a rough birthing experience.

And in case no one has time you...babies never sleep. Haha!

Best wishes for you and the baby. Keep us posted!

Even with my two miscarriages I am not considered high risk. The doctor is also under incredibly strict orders that I am NOT to be operated on for cesarean unless she or I are in serious danger, my husband and my two friends are there to make sure they don't (both my friends have kids, one had a c-section so they both know what is needed and what isn't.) I also refuse to be induced unless there are complications as well. A females body knows what to do, I am really just having her in the hospital in case she is born with a disease that runs in my family. The doctor is just there to monitor and grab her when she comes out lol. Which is why we are putting such an emphasis on making the room "comfortable" for us. If I thought I could have her at home in a pool I would (but I won't risk it in case she does have the disease. Its rare in girls, and they are testing me before hand, but we won't know until she is out and goes to the bathroom or not.)


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