I am inspired by the attempt at being shot down to post this and it is something that is close to my heart.

Two of my children were slotted to be placed in a program called Quest in our school district, they said my children are gifted and talented... intelligent. Well, don't I know that? I refused them their request for both children, our 16 yr old when she was in 1st grade and our youngest two years ago.

When and if they choose to excel in their lives is up to them. I chose not to push and shove them, I wanted and want them to enjoy being children doing fun and normal kid things. I did not want them constantly spending all their time on extra work and special projects, I wanted them to go to birthday parties and play dates, to run outside, ride their bikes and have fun.

I was scowled at by teachers and administrators telling me I was doing my children a disservice... hehehe I wasn't. I was one of those kids in a program, I never had fun I was always busy with something extra for those classes and whenever I had a moment I would sneak out to the barn and run away on my horse. When I arrived back home I would be in serious trouble as I'd left my work strewn on the floor in my room. My parents called me their little valedictorian from about the 3rd grade on and I hated it, can you say pressure? No grade below a 95 was accepted from me and in my senior year of high school when my friends, one of them who taught me to be "normal" died, I refused to take my final exams. Every teacher gave me an 85 lowering my gpa to a 3.8 taking me out of the honors graduates. My parents were hateful and angry and when I dropped out of college I was told by my mother that I was the biggest disappointment in her life. I had three siblings, not one of them graduated high school, my little brother being much more intelligent than myself.

But the focus was always on my grades, my success by the parents and they pretty much ignored my sister and brothers who all hated me. Every grade I brought home made them feel unworthy and discarded.

So, what do you all think of these programs, are they good or bad, can parents use them intelligently and reasonably for one child and still support other children?

I am not against the programs but I am against parents who push their child to be more than a child for it is such a short time in their lives and there is so much more for them to learn other than how far they can go in being "book smart".

Blessings of the Day All ~!

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I commend you for not pushing your children into something. Everyone including children should have the right to follow their path. With children, they need guidance but not hounded. I myself was pushed into schooling as my mother was an english teacher. If my grades were not to her liking I would be punished for them. My grandmother on the other hand on my fathers side was a witch, so she intervened and was so helpful in which path I would follow. She always told me you must find your path which suits you and never let anyone try to change your beliefs, they are yours and no one elses.

I must say that you are a great mother with good insight with your children, A child needs interaction outside of teachings, Socialization and fun with other activities enriches a childs mind.

Blessings of the day Lea!
Thank you Pam, I went through the same thing you did with my mom, my dad stood with her most of the time, but those times I ran off on my horse, he was usually watching as I did so, smiling... He knew I needed those breaks.

Shelby and I sat here last night going over course schedules and planning things for the summer and the fall. She is really doing it herself which makes me realize I've done the right thing.
Blessings of the day to you as well ~!
Blessings to you Lea! I take my witch's hat off to you for making the decision that you did. As you stated earlier, being book smart isn't what life is all about. Sure, I went to college, became a woman civil engineer, but what I learned wasn't from all the books I had read. It was on the job training. A book can only give you a certain amount of information and sometimes the book isn't always correct. I think you are doing a wonderful job with your children, and I'm so glad to see that you are not letting the school system run you. As said, in time they will choose what direction to go and it will probably be completely different from what they want right now. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I chose the profession I did when I was younger. Many hugs to you on your decision :-)
More power to ya. I had a simular experience but I ran away from it at 14 and went 2000 miles away on my own. I was bashed for not getting my high school diploma in the 5th grade. I am now in college for myself and love it. But its for me. Not for someone else.


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