Hi, its Luke again. 

You can guess by my nick that I have chosen no God. 

Am I an atheist? strictly speaking I guess you could say yes. 

I tend to fit into the idea that science, facts are more important than belief. As long as one doesn't negate the other though, its not for me to say one way or the other.

I do believe in the human mind and spirit, the idea of other universes. All of which has science behind them. 

Which one do I pick to talk about?

Well, as a child I woke one night to an awful ghost. A shadow standing over me that I could see through. Then later in the week a shining figure at my window that caused me more dread than that horrible thing that stood over me before. All the faucets would come on full open at night there, many times. My mother, pregnant with my sister hemorrhaged one night while asleep and was woken by a spirit claiming to be my fathers sister who had dies some years past. Yet, none involving God directly.

Since I have been able to connect with some people, even know when they wake from 3500 miles away, feel what others feel to the point of having migraine headaches. As a musician playing to large crowds, I can tell you its not fun.

I know for a fact that the human condition is more than enough for us as it is. The idea of God is something for another discussion, but for this point, I claim our own ideas and abilities are more than enough. 

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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of course the divine exists

Although the reality of the Devine is practically impossible to prove. From personal experience, I believe there is a spirit world. I believe in a creator and communicate with the creator and the spirit world daily in a variety of ways. This year I've been studying the amalgamation of Astrology and religion throughout history, perhaps as far back 24,000 years old. Through studying the theory of Astrotheology I've actually become more interested in a creator, as opposed to some people becoming Agnostic/Atheist/Deist through the study. If you haven't looked into that there are some interesting YouTube videos on the subject. I also think that throughout our lives, our perspectives and believes can shift because we are not static creatures.

ultimately, as theists and atheists living together in this increasingly shrinking world, our goal should be to harmoniously coexist and respect each other's spiritual path as long as the path is not physically harmful.


I wholeheartedly believe we should strive for unity, regardless of beliefs. Or at least co-exist. I believe in the spirit world myself, just not in a creator, at least not in the classic sense. A creator that cares or is a father figure would be present if he still lived and had any kind of ability to affect the physical world. Now, whether or not he can still presently affect it would depend on the realm is was presently in, or if it were aliens that came here and seeded this world. I don't personally claim either belief, however, I don't close my mind to the possibilities. We all know he doesn't affect the world we live in now. So its a mute point really.

God Bless Joe Pesci

Joe Bless you.  lol

Sry, but that meme is really off base. To believe that you have to believe in heaven and hell pretty much. Those of us that have gone through real suffering knows hell is here on earth. And and kind of God would never place hell upon hell to any person. 

Sry, but that meme is really off base. To believe that you have to believe in heaven and hell pretty much. Those of us that have gone through real suffering knows hell is here on earth. And and kind of God would never place hell upon hell to any person. 

Not according to some faiths.  To some, suffering here on earth is expected, especially of Christians.  Not only is suffering to be expected, it's to be endured as Christ suffered for humankind.  And if you're suffering but decide to sin, yes, you will suffer eternal torment after life as well.  Because it's hard to be Christian.  Many called but few chosen as Jesus said.

ha, Bill hicks had some good points, makes you think, of course he reffering to biblical God.

    Hindu see the Divine way wayyy differently.

Having never been a part of an organized religion I see them as a way to remove yourself from your personal responsibility for your actions and not something I would ever want to be a part of. 
I do not have a god as in a reflection of my humanist self watching over me or guiding me in some preconceived direction giving me gifts at my request to improve my lot in this life.
But I also do not disbelieve in a higher power. Something more than what we can see and touch.
I do not limit my beliefs to science as science much like religion has human limits set by humans.
So no I am not an atheist nor am I religious. I am indeed spiritual and some would see my spirituality a bit extreme especially those coming from an atheistic point of view that if you can't prove it with science then it doesn't exists.
I was raised that rules were made by man to be questioned, that includes scientific rules or theories.
If you allow yourself to question all rules then you open your mind to the endless possibilities.
Such a rule I have questioned is gravity and in the questioning of it I have discovered some amazing anomalies that this concept does not prove out to be a rule, but simply a concept, a theory that people have accepted as they do with all rules and concepts and theories as facts.
So do I have a god...no. Do I believe in a higher power yes, because we are not the end all of knowledge or creation we are simply a human animal. Even if the human animal sees themselves as gods does not make it so.     

I am with you until you question gravity lol. Science doesn't explain God, nor does it disprove a higher power, but what it does prove is hardly questionable. I believe they can coexist, but if one disproves another, the former has to be true. Otherwise, I agree with you completely.

I wasn't referring to gravity in a spiritual sense but in a scientific sense.

I am part of a research project to explain or disprove gravity and our present data is leaning more to disapproval of many parts of the theory apposed to explanation. This force known as gravity does indeed exists but it does not completely function as Newtons theory surmised as there is another force or energy at work in the stabilization of objects on this planet and the interaction with other object, planets and our star. 
I will not live to see the completion of this project as it is an extremely long term project but you may possibly and it will re-evaluate physics it's self I am convinced.

It's this nonacceptance of scientific theory as fact that allows unlimited possibilities scientifically and possibly spiritually if you have such a desire.    



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