Hi, its Luke again. 

You can guess by my nick that I have chosen no God. 

Am I an atheist? strictly speaking I guess you could say yes. 

I tend to fit into the idea that science, facts are more important than belief. As long as one doesn't negate the other though, its not for me to say one way or the other.

I do believe in the human mind and spirit, the idea of other universes. All of which has science behind them. 

Which one do I pick to talk about?

Well, as a child I woke one night to an awful ghost. A shadow standing over me that I could see through. Then later in the week a shining figure at my window that caused me more dread than that horrible thing that stood over me before. All the faucets would come on full open at night there, many times. My mother, pregnant with my sister hemorrhaged one night while asleep and was woken by a spirit claiming to be my fathers sister who had dies some years past. Yet, none involving God directly.

Since I have been able to connect with some people, even know when they wake from 3500 miles away, feel what others feel to the point of having migraine headaches. As a musician playing to large crowds, I can tell you its not fun.

I know for a fact that the human condition is more than enough for us as it is. The idea of God is something for another discussion, but for this point, I claim our own ideas and abilities are more than enough. 

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Hey Luke, only meant the diagrams as examples lol. Even one of these diagrams could take a whole life time to study - heh. .. Good to know that some are familiar to you and some are opposite to your beliefs. What I meant was a simple drawing similar to the one that I just sketched out as an outline below. I find that drawing mine helps to contextualize my thoughts better. Please don't judge too harshly, these are concepts that kick around in my mind and this is only second iteration  lol :)

I love the stuff you posted, but in all honesty, a big waste of space for anyone that wants to read responses. I'm sure you knew that when you posted them. Yes, fodder for thought. I especially loved the last one. You have proven that you can post science stuff above my level.

But as to the last one, first off nothing about it is fractal, second, you can't mix the two types of science together and expect anyone to take you seriously. They all have their own validity, but don't mix well. At least not with that kind of idea. 

Not saying they cannot mix, but that pic is just some persons idea of being on meth.

Hey Atheos, lol you are being mean to me *pouts, wrinkles nose and finally furrows brow* Sheesh ... .... and anyway space on the internet is limitless is it not?


Not out to prove me smarts - just hope to open peeps minds with other than just words.

You are right tho', I did not include anything fractal or even slightly fibonacci

                       - da_n you were just supposed to try and imagine that.

Say whaaaa==tt? *struggles feebly to articulate words* Okay well -hey- when theories of science collide do we not end up with TOE's = Theory of Everything's? My socks are mismatched and I have individual one of a kind coffee cups - what on earth is happening to me?

*raises left eyebrow and tilts nose slightly upward and says in a clipped tone* - Ever hear of ayahuasca? One of the 'trips' is supposed to be a type of math high that only some of the users experience.

Da_n now I need a fix. Daaaa_____nnn you Atheos. I guess I'll have to dip into the Halloween chocolate and by posting in this


with a few images to feed my mind and anyone else who likes pictures too. 

This is the kind of shape I was going for sort of:

This was sort of what I meant by grid lines and fractals, but imagine an innumerable number of spokes:

This is sort of cobwebby spiral/fractal universe I had in mind

ppphhhfffftt *if I had a tail it would flick three times then I would pad away and go and sulk somewhere in the sun*

LOL I have to admit that you made me laugh. (For all the funny reasons.)

Some beautiful stuff too. You already know that your tendency to post pics is way our past normal. That means now, you are just doing it to have fun or annoy. Since you aren't annoying me, I have to conclude you just spend too much time with your coke dealer. That's Ok too. We've all been there. And I can see the intelligence behind your posts, though our minds don't work in the same way. I suppose its my fault for posting, "God or no God." 

You have my respect and misunderstanding. 


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