Hi, its Luke again. 

You can guess by my nick that I have chosen no God. 

Am I an atheist? strictly speaking I guess you could say yes. 

I tend to fit into the idea that science, facts are more important than belief. As long as one doesn't negate the other though, its not for me to say one way or the other.

I do believe in the human mind and spirit, the idea of other universes. All of which has science behind them. 

Which one do I pick to talk about?

Well, as a child I woke one night to an awful ghost. A shadow standing over me that I could see through. Then later in the week a shining figure at my window that caused me more dread than that horrible thing that stood over me before. All the faucets would come on full open at night there, many times. My mother, pregnant with my sister hemorrhaged one night while asleep and was woken by a spirit claiming to be my fathers sister who had dies some years past. Yet, none involving God directly.

Since I have been able to connect with some people, even know when they wake from 3500 miles away, feel what others feel to the point of having migraine headaches. As a musician playing to large crowds, I can tell you its not fun.

I know for a fact that the human condition is more than enough for us as it is. The idea of God is something for another discussion, but for this point, I claim our own ideas and abilities are more than enough. 

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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I love it when people question gravity. I really started out as a simple principal and since has been used by the best minds of the last century, including our wonder person buy the name of Einstein. Who's principals cannot be proven wrong by the best minds of our time.  

I think its cute that you question his proficiency and abilities, oh lets not forget the rest of the science community that have also questioned him thoroughly and had to say he's right.

I agree with questioning authority. You might pick on something other than Gravity, time and space and go for something a bit less proven. 

The question is geared towards the typical atheist/monotheist debate, I'm a polydeist. So, I believe in many deities, I just don't think they're all that involved. I like science, it doesn't matter to me that it hasn't confirmed my beliefs.

I don't think it needs to be limited to monotheist debates. I think it should be limited to any gods ability to actually and personally affect or effect people directly. Otherwise its a fairy tale just like unicorns are. I do believe in what the human spirit and mind can do. I've seen that. Much more directly than any god. 

To include attributing events to invisible beings.  Human mind, FTW!

that's showbiz folks..

Limited to their ability to affect people directly? You see, my view is: they aren't omnipotent, they have a real hands off approach and my relationship to the ones I like, is a symbiotic partnership and not a master/slave condition.

God is unconditional love!

I take it you're not Westboro baptist...lol

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for replying to this post. Lots of great questions and ideas for me to think about as well. 

Luke, have you ever tried diagramming your held belief concept of "human mind and spirit, the idea of other universes" ? Basically you start with a circle and encircle it with other circles, bands, eggs, cells etc, sort of like a venn diagram. Most people's are very simplistic. Mine looks like an electron and a combo of moebius bubbles lol 

I did a Google image search. Here are some that piqued my interest:

First one is kabbalah

Second one is Buddhist but does not show wheel of life, karma, dharma and nirvana

Third one  is Ptolemaic = earth centred universe 

Fourth one is from a science standpoint 

Fifth one is Gnostic 

Sixth one is Mormon

Seventh One is Yggdrasi The Tree of Life - Norse 1

Eight one is Barabout Earth centred most Christian with zodiacal references

The ninth is Asgard and Midgard of Norse tradition - Norse 2

This one incorporates multiverses:

And a comic: 

LOL yeah, the comic might sum it up better. I love the illustrations, but I'm not sure I have the time to go through them all and research each type.  I have spent much of my life already researching each in turn, I already have my thoughts on each. Some might be opposing to myself, but I don't need graphs and charts to know what I have found out.

Who doesn't love Calvin and Hobbs?


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