That's right! Eight years later and I'm going back. Different degree or focus, but not really. I started undergrad as an art major, ended up with a bachelors in Sociology. Now I'm back for a second bachelors in Studio Art to get a license as an art teacher. Yet a psychically intune woman told me I'm probably going to end up doing art therapy. Whatever I end up doing, I'm just so happy and blessed that this is happening in my life. 

In 2010 I was in graduate school and became disabled due to mental health disorders. I lost about 7 years of my life, was really sick, lost, suicidal, and just really hit rock bottom. In December of 2017 I suddenly snapped out of the crazy and came back to myself and into reality. And since then have been trying to rebuild my life. It's literally placed me back at square one. I lost so much, especially all those years. My late twenties when normal people fall in love, get married and start families. I've lost the ability to have children. But now all that is behind me, and I get a new start! I feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

So being a Pagan on campus....I can't have candles or burn incense. Luckily I found some sage essential oil spray to clear space. It was recommended to me by a woman who owns a metaphysics shop. I'm trying to get a medical single based on the fact I'm disabled, but if not....I have no idea how to live as a pagan with someone who isn't or might not tolerate my religion. I might just cave and pay the extra money for a regular single if the medical one falls through. 

Anyway, just wanted to share my happiness with you all. And a little bit about myself.

Blessed be. 

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That's an awesome idea! I love it! Definitely what I am going to do. I also want a larger battery pillar candle. We can burn candles in dorms either. 

I wish you the best but I am sure you will do fine

You can have candles, just make them battery candles.  I had to switch to those after having cats that were too crazy to be careful around open flames.

and you can also make pocket or portable shrines and altars until you get a vibe from your dorm mate:

THIS IS SO COOL. Little portable shrines! I need to do this. 

Good luck with the studies. Small potpourri pillows are also useful or diy mini pillows with some batting as filler ad a few drops of your sage e.o. to carry with you. Lavender e.o. is also a good choice to have.

Thank you for the tip! Appreciate it. 

Well, in college I think you can substitute a shot of Fireball for a candles. =p

Jk, just use quartz and rose quartz where you can't flame. Just be aware they will be stole, and maybe that's even a good thing. Clean them in salt water often, OFTEN!


Congrats on continuing your education!  As for living with someone who may not understand your religion, don't worry about it.  If they ask you questions, simply answer honestly and positively, and don't worry about their reaction. They may surprise you. 


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