It is sad as adults we get mad at kids for gossip, or others but many do or participate. No harm its true. Really?

Have or how many times do we go to source for their side so we can have a whole picture?


Besides destroying another persons reputation who yes made a mistake, or made a bad choice we punish them by gossiping. Or we decide we just do not like the persona at all, so we will ensure they are isolated or pay in one way or another. What is sad we think of this just as HS BS. I say some adults have this down pcked.

Always always go to the people  and get their story. Why make a judgement when you do nt have the full story?

Gossip destroys. It has destroyed covens circles, best friends etc.

Everyone gossips about something or someone including me. It’s human nature, it always happens. We don’t necessarily mean to be harmful, but there are some bad effects of gossip we all should know. As women we should stand up for one another but do not humble each other. Probably if you think about what you’re doing before sharing stories, or spreading gossips, you can realize that it’s coming from a place of jealousy, unreliability, or maybe pain in yourselves. So I’ve got for you the list of 7 bad effects of gossip, just keep reading.

Bad Effects of Gossip

1. Bad Karma
One of the worst effects of gossip is that it will come back to you. If you’re spreading gossip about someone else, at the same time, someone can also gossip about you. Probably it’s the same people with whom you’re sharing gossip. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” That’s a cliché for a reason. You could think that you’re talking about something unimportant, but think about this: maybe the person you’re gossiping about think it’s very important.

2. Gossiping Isolates You
Without doubt gossiping will isolate you. Of course people will continue to talk to you and you’ll still have friends, however, you’ll be known as the girl who constantly gossips. Gossiping reflects badly on you, even if you don’t realize it. People may secretly resent you. Think about someone you know who gossips a lot. How do others feeling about him or her?

3. No One Will Trust You
If you constantly gossips, people will stop trusting you at all. Again, friends will talk to you, but they could hesitate before telling you anything serious, especially if they know that you will gossip about it. Workmates and family members could also stop telling you anything they fear could become fodder for gossips.

4. You Hurt Others
One of the worst effects of gossip is that you can hurt others. If you’ve ever been the object of gossip or false rumors, you know how harmful it is. You feel embarrassed, disgraced, and ashamed, even if you haven’t done anything to be ashamed of. The fact is that we gossip about people because they make different choices, or because they do things with which we don’t agree. Stop gossiping about people, put yourself in their place, and remember a time when you’ve been hurt by gossip.

5. You Break Promises
Have you ever told something that you promised not to talk about, just because it’s funny, odd or incredible? Many times I said that I’ll keep this in secret, and I promised not to tell to anyone, but I’ve always broken my promise. What about you? Gossips lead to broken promises, even if it’s not your goal. Very often we end up spreading gossip about someone very close to us, someone we really love, just because it makes a perfect story.

6. Gossiping Tarnishes Your Honesty
It’s one of a really worst effect of gossip, because your honesty is very important. If you become known as the girl, who constantly gossips you’ll gradually lose your honesty. People definitely won’t trust you then, they’ll be hurt by your actions, and they won’t want to share the details of their lives for sure. After all, people might feel that anything they tell you will get spread around anyway.

7. Gossip Spreads Lies
Very often gossip spreads lies. By gossiping about something and spreading the rumor along, you’re perpetuating those lies. Eventually it leads to many of the hurtful effects listed above. If you’ve ever been lied about and then watched the ensuing gossip spread like wildfire, you know how terrible it feels. Here are 8 Reasons Why Lying Is a Bad Idea. Do you really want to do this to someone else?

Of course gossip isn’t always so bad; it passes along information, and it is really human nature. We use gossip to express our feelings, after all, and to get out our frustrations. You just need to remember that when you’re talking about a coworker, a friend, or even a celebrity, you’re talking about person trying to live life just like you. In essence, when you’re gossiping, try your best not to do harm. How do you think, what are the worst effects of gossip? If you know why you do it, tell us, please.

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There is a huge difference between gossip and exchanging thoughts.  I have participated in gossip but I have also talked about others out of concern.  People cannot wrap their minds around certain things so they start chattering.  Ning can be like that and Facebook too if your not careful.  Jealousy drives people to gossip.  The best anyone can do is to own their mistakes and their own gossipy past and then drop it -  just like that drop it and forgive yourself.  From that moment on just live and let live.  Say what you need to say but keep this in mind -  whatever you say about someone be prepared to also say it to their face.  That is not gossip :)  That is you speaking your opinion. 

It's hard to know good from bad people these days isn't it??!!  As much fun as gossip can be I would rather steer clear of it if possible.

Well said my old friend well said. I was  having discussion with mom and she has friends  who do gossip esp when gram was alive oh boy gram knew all around town scary I had tod uck LOL hahaha

Thanks for taking time to reply

True. There is a big difference when you need discuss issues and just plain gossip. Yep words can have devastating consequences.

The continuous tattle and gossip I am exposed to, due to my job is often mind-numbing.

Gossip is inescapable in my work environment.  An expected part and parcel of the clients experience. To chit chat, make small talk, enquire on the clients life, health, family, holidays etc and reciprocate. Often, it amazes me how loose lipped some people become with a little familiarity. I could not give if shit if Sheila, clients next door neighbor, is having it off with the post man!

I simply choose to abstain from idle gossip in favour of politely listening, it makes my clients happy to talk and it keeps me in employment. Gossiping isolates my eardrums, each to their own karma.


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