Hello All

I am on a mission to find some Goths over 40 to yak with. I see so many blogs, etc with them yakking online, but am having trouble connecting with some personally. The spiritual beliefs, etc. doesn't matter. Let me know if your out there and drop me a line.

Blessed Be

Kristi V

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There should be a group for Goths and pagans over 40

Yes! I might just do that! If anyone is interested?

How about a Goth over 50? Yeah, I missed the whole music-dance 'scene' thing because I was trying not to starve and putting a family together, but I was that 1960's kid that couldn't get enough of Famous Monsters. I did enjoy the afterglow as the movement burned out. I have Collide, Dead Can Dance, Nox Arcana, and the Addams Family musical on my phone--and yes, I'm aware my music choices are not cool--get over it.

My grand-kids know that it's always Halloween, to the annoyance of their mother.

I wear Black Phoenix Lab's perfume, and still occasionally check out Gothic Beauty magazine, but the fashions don't have that same grave-earth feel as it did in the old days. And, yes, I'm still wearing black.

Oh, gods, the clove cigarettes! You didn't hear that--remember, I never smoked.

Dead Can Dance though....is AMAZING. 

Sounds like you are a cool grandpa. I am a sexy grandma, and they call me Boom-Nana! Do you have a cool grand dad name?



( 63 years young )

I also have Metisse's "Boom Boom Ba" still on my phone cause I still listen to it. You get 2 old goth points if you know where that's from. 

BZZZT, times up. Boom Boom Ba is from Showtime's "Dead Like Me" series which followed a group of "Grim Reapers" on their daily rounds. George (a.k.a. Toilet Seat Girl) worked for the violent death squad collecting souls. A really good series with only two seasons.

If you find "the movie" you must immediately smash it with a hammer and burn the remnants while chanting an anathema and exorcism over it.

There is actually a group you should join for those over 40 at http://www.paganspace.net/group/following-the-path-and-over-40

I had a look at that group. It seems to be aimed at older pagans NOT specifically Goths. 

Sorry I forgot about the goth part there is a 2 goth groups as well 



Though goths and emos are nothing alike 

so I am questionable about that one

Thank you for taking the time to find those groups and for posting the links. I am not an emo myself but I will certainly look at the Gothpagan group.


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