how many people are gothic?

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    Hi I like some of the gothic clothings some are very cool and well some have no tast in the goth look.

You mean like Gotland Sweden ... right?


Or did you mean Geatish?




That photo of those ruins. Its beautiful. For a moment I could picture it whole, with a woman standing just within the window.




I've had the same vision. No joke.

... any way, glad you liked it!

Recently I've been thinking about that word... "Gothic"

What does it mean to the kids who use it today? Do they even know where the word comes from?


I was once called "Gothic" but it wasn't something I used to describe myself. I wore all black all the time. I read Gothic horror all the time (still do). I went to see Type-O-Negative (introduced by some definitely un-usual fans in '93, before Blood and Kisses) and hung out with people who read a lot of Ann Rice and who looked like they were wearing pasty white makeup even when they weren't. Here's a picture of me at about the age of 20... I mean 21. I'm in writer mode and don't want to be disturbed. Note the long, tapered black sleeves and black pants in a Phoenix Arizona summer.

When people would ask why I only ever wore black, I'd tell them it was because I was color blind. So the friend who took the picture here had it developed in black and white. You probably can't see it, but there's a stone tile in this picture (HINT: it's grey) that came from Louis' (Vampire Lestat) plantation (bought legally to help pay for restoration). In truth, I have never read any Ann Rice (beyond the first 20 pages or so), and haven't even seen any of the movies (the posters were a room mate's). I did, however, quote Gothic horror (Poe, Stevenson, Stoker) as if it were scripture. And the little skull was mine, I've always liked skulls.


When I was called "Gothic" I was a little bit upset because when I thought of most of the other young people also called "Gothic" I just wanted to kick them in the face (still do). It wasn't something I identified with, but in retrospect it sure seems a lot closer than any of the other labels for youngsters who wore a lot of black.


These days I'm learning Gothic and look more like Indiana Jones on vacation. When it gets colder here in Northern Arizona I  might go all Goth-West (not to be confused with Visigoth). Those of you who have seen the trends in Dia De Los Muertos the last few years now have a label for that new style.


Now I get to go back and read this thread and see the different concepts people have attached to the word "Gothic". Very cool.

Interesting story Enoch! Goth-West? I'm in LA...I'll have to check that out. I love made me want to listen to them now: )some of there songs are so very pagan too! 

 Hi I love the music of the Green Man.

I use to read Carlos Castanada when I first started into the occult, my techer at the told me to readf it.

Well, What I am saying is if one see, you can SEE the Green Man, but not looking everyone looks but don't see.

I have a beutyful wooden mast of the green man, it so cool looking man.

Stay in thr grove


I don't wear as much black as I use to....

it's more of an occasional thing now


I am, inside. But not really Something-Wave Gothic, more Black Metal Gothic. That is why I tend to enjoy Disco and Funk music (and Flowers and bright colours, and Sunshine) because my Gothicness better not be amplified, for my own good.

Now that I think about it further I would have to say that my clothes do not really match my personality. The way I think.


I dunno about the whole "excepting the sadness" thing. Sorry, I'm a happy person. Just very Macabre. Strange and unusual. Perverse.


Once in a while I dress how I think. But I tend to scare people. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



I suppose you could say so. ;) (See my Facebook pic(s) - Mephisto Moon - ...Newer ones to come when IT'S NOT TOO HOT TO WEAR MAKEUP. UGH.






Southern gothic.

When i wanna ;)


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