how many people are gothic?

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holy shit! I'm 99% sure I'm in that video. At 3:47 I am the second from the right. It was at the DTE in Detroit Michigan, about 4 or 5 years ago, when Rob Zombie and Godsmack were playing. Great concert!
be funny if the kids in the video with the parents all turned prep when they got older and wore nothing but bright colors!      who did this song it just awesome!!!

I wish I could still dress like that. But I have lost succumb to self consciousness and have stopped. I still have all my sweet little pieces. When you walk into my apartment people always say it seems goth. I love old Victorian wrought iron, dried or dead roses, i have black skull candles that bleed red was from the eyes, my walls are dark grey (except one which is joker purple). All my furniture is black. My ideal is to live in a Victorian house that is decorated like a dying garden. But do I DRESS goth? Not anymore. Used to. Oh I loved it. But I can't anymore. I still have my piercings and tattoos (Just went up in the gauges in my ears!) and my clothing consist of mainly black. Half accessories are skulls (The other is music related). But I am no where near the extreme as in that amazing slide show. Oh I wish I still was though. Its so beautiful.



Goth rocker here. I don't always go all out with my look, like when I'm at my day job. But wear black and do my eye make-up & jewelry gothy. I have been inspired so much by Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend, Siouxie and the Banshees in the music I play and I LOVE to go out dancing at the clubs!
Me Goth Girl , Me Fetish Queen ;
Are You A Nightmare , Or Just A Dream ?
With All The Chaos You Have Made ,
Some Say You Danse On Razor Blade ;

Are You A Cutter , Do You Bleed ?
Is This Thirst A Wanton Need ?
Leather Mistress , Or Rubber Dolly ?
Strike With Whip , Or Suck A Lolly?

With Plaid Skirt , Ye Strike A Pose ,
Pink The Hair , Torn The Hose ,
Pierced The Body , Care Ye Not ,
More The Pain To Get Ye Hot ,
Ye Love The Dark , Ye Love the Night ,
Ye Love To Give Mundanes A Fright ;

Dragon Smoke , Seductive Smile ,
An Invitation To Play Awhile ,
Me Goth Girl , Me Fetish Queen ,
Are Ye A Nightmare , Or Just A Dream ?

Shawn, your lovely poem reminded me of a photo shoot I did 6 years ago:


Needless to say, I enjoyed the goth style back then. I do not express myself as much through clothing anymore, partly because of the cost and partly because I attracted a lot of distasteful people. However, I still enjoy a good reason to dress up now and then.

Thank you for the gift of your priestess of the dark goddess photo...;)


Yeah , that is one of the styles and looks that can steal my heart...


You are a beautiful woman , as well highly intelligent , Fairy Melusina...

Haha, you're quite welcome. Thank you for the kind words :)
I love it!

I guess you could say I'm a rocker-goth. I wear a lot of metal, but other than that, I don't go that extreme. I still have my natural dirty blond hair color, and I never wear makeup or eye-liner.

I really like the gothic look, but I want to point out that the way gothic people are shown in the media is unrealistic for a number of reasons. First and foremost, a large number of goths have significant weight problems, at least around where I live. There most definitely usually not the sexy models in that video. I am the second most physically fit goth that I know of, since high school, and that's pretty sad cause I'm really not that tough.

Second, why are so many goths smokers? WTF? I'd like to get with a cute gothic girl that's smaller than me, and that doesn't smoke. But damn, it's like it's too much to ask.

Thirdly, a lot of the goth girls I have dated are into studying serial killers and freaky stuff like that. Which is cool, I like the morbid as much as the next goth dude, but those girls, in my experience, as fun as they are, have little mental stability, compared to non-goths, which quickly tends to get pretty annoying, if not a liability. (had one gf that threatened to kill herself if I left her and didn't marry her. Had a few others that were obsessive fan girls with little will of their own)

I don't want to sound like I'm hating on goths, I am one, and I do get OCD myself, and I eat candy like I have a problem. Whatever way you look at it, I find it hard to live with people like me, in that case.

I was at Walmart today (yes wally world) and saw three young adults who were dressed in the goth style. This is Northern Florida (considered part of the bible belt). One of the young women had the lucifer pentacle tattooed to her chest. I was surprised to say the least. Instead of judging them as all lot of people around me were doing, it actually had me wondering if the girl was an actual satanist because the tattoo was pretty elaborate, or just a "poser" doing it for shock value.
Not meaning to offend anyone here...I find it funny that so many seem to be basing "Gothic" on the way one is NOT a is a WAY OF LIFE! Goths are a group of deep rooted old-world romantics, who express themselves in a very dark way. Gothic life is a somber one, where pain is accepted and used in its entirety. Where a certain chivalry is not dead. Where honor is of the utmost importance. Where dark is the "beauty" because it is REAL! Without darkness, there can be no light...remember? The modern Goth "wanna-bes" go to Hot Topic and get some cute clothes and think they are cool...however a true Goth is one even in a bath towel...Not all are tattooed or pierced, or even wear nothing but think about it. The clothes don't make the person anyway, it is what is in your deep dark dungeons that count!


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