how many people are gothic?

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Because you are that dichotomy , I like and

respect you , are what goth

really means...


Knowledge that phase shifts as it needs to...;)



The difference between the image and the reality ,

in any tradition , is the razor's edge between the

poser and the actualist , in any tradition...


The comfortable is an emanation of our true nature...


The poser never attains the comfortable...


Just sayin'...;)

Ah , the creatures that howl in the night ,

wolf , dingo , the unknown...


I call them , my brethren , my allies , my adversaries...


Come , my friends , challenge me !


And one by one , or in a pack , I shall destroy them , if

need be...I howl...I howl louder than the best of them...


I am the alpha , and howler of the abyss...

I think you've misunderstood that reply entirely.  I never once said that you were a poser, there are people in this world that don't understand the spiritual meaning of a true goth.  I don't dress this way, but that doesn't mean I don't understand you.  I'm not a hater, I am a beautiful person who like you accepts that there is both light and dark in this world.  There are people you see nowadays that only have hate in their heart.  I love the good and the bad, I am a transformer.  Read between the lines please, don't think that I am a judgemental fake, because I am not.  I just have had bad experiences with racism and hate from those types of people who have said that they are gothic, on here I can vent about those experiences.  I am a mother, and I am a fighter.  I understand what it means to be so happy that nothing can break me, and so depressed that all I wanted to do was hide in a corner and die.  No don't get me wrong, I'm not some mental headcase, I'm only human.  WE ALL GO THROUGH IT!  To me a true goth is someone who can accept both light and dark, and is also someone who has respect for others.  Someone who is spiritual, open-minded, and wise.

that's okay, but from looking at the pictures, I can tell that you were having fun. and you were happy.  I understand that, I just don't want you to feel like I'm hating on you because I wasn't.  When I had typed that; I didn't like how young adults would pose, but they would act so modern, I simply meant that they had no respect for life.  Nowadays young adults (even as they get older) usually lack manners and wisdom, unlike people from way back when.  I'm not saying that you are one of those people.  I don't know you, and you don't know me.  I like to have fun, and I don't always take things to heart.  I'm not some suicidal headcase from south park, okay? And if I ever came across someone like that I'd refer them to the nearest psyche ward in town.


I love your goth look Katherine! I would look dreadful without eyebrows, they are one of my defining features.       

too funny - I always admire how put together and elegant you eletro-goths look :)


Either way goth is sort of a high maintenance look, that's why I've relaxed it for everyday. I'd fall asleep in my clothes all the time getting home from the club, because it would just be too much effort to unbuckle my tall boots, unwrap the layers of fishnets and make-up lol

I like the gothic aesthetic, gothic stories, movies, art.  I do actually like the art found in cemetaries and I like the elegant gothic lolita style.  The Victorian and Edwardian era is attractive as well as steampunk, but I don't like the music.  A lot of the gothic music grates on my nerves.  I'm more into classical, Vivaldi, Mozart, the Baroque period stand out for me.  The closest I'll get to modern gothic is techno/electronica.
Steampunk is great! I wish I had the time/money to invest in some more of that style.
Me too, and I love the steam punk mods of computers and such.  Such wonderful tech geekiness!

my style of dress(most of the time) is a uniquely self-titled Post-apocalyptic goth/raider look... basically taking anything I can and just modifying it not only for the aesthetic but also for practical purposes such as wearing cut off tripps because they are the lightest pants I have and are great for parkour... I also wear a shit load of military gear when I can afford to get it (right now all I have is a set of ballistic glass sunshade/goggles...if you want to see them the SG-1 by Wiley-X... and some old gear I have from the army) hunting gear(quiver for arrows) and athletic gear(mainly shoes like Vibram Five fingers... I need to get a new pair because the sole on the ones I have are nearly gone) ... when I get the chance I want learn how to sow leather and rubber for a couple of projects I have such as tire shoulder gaurds(why not?) a leather strap vest(with a holster for a gun in the front, a place to clip a knife right above that, a holster for a large blade such as a kukuri or a machete on the right shoulder blade, and a place to clip a quiver on the right shoulder blade) a gauntlet w/ hidden blade for my left forearm(I'm thinking about designing an auto-eject, auto-lock, auto-retract system by making the design double spring loaded and a ring controlling the locking mechanism) and various other ideas I've been working on

I agree that it's a lifestyle... mine is more about making practicality an art form in and of itself... as I firmly believe survival is the highest law... that life can only be fully experienced by embracing death, and in turn losing all fear of it... it is only after we lose that fear that we can truly begin to live... granted the only time I'm ever going to get to used the practical applications of most of my projects is when I go hunting, hiking, or camping...


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