how many people are gothic?

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I guess a lot of people would probably classify me as a Goth. I wear black a LOT, lol. I have a fondness for lace, velvet, tattered and romantic clothing, anything Victorian, movies like The Addams Family and Beetlejuice, and I adore a lot of the more well-known "Goth" bands. 


But I don't think the label "Goth" defines me solely. I'm many other things. ^_^

Just because I wear mostly black.... am obsessed with Halloween.....listen to Stabbing Westward, and The Sins Of Thy Beloved religiously..... and was a former vendor of Alchemy Gothic merchandise....DOES NOT MEAN I AM GOTHIC!!!!!!!! QUIT CALLING ME GOTH!!!!!!!!.......Anyways, in all seriousness, I have been called the G word before because I have always been in communities that did not have a heavy "goth" scene. If I were to be in a community that did have a heavy "goth" scene however, I would not even come close.

I am as dark , as I am light...


I am goth , and it's inverse...


None shall say not to my face...


Or I shall slake my thirst , with their blood...


Just for fun...




( and if you think I have not done it ,

one lifetime or another...think again )

SUFFERING is HIP : Goth Hanky Code


....So many kinds of goth - which one are you, and what color hanky should you wear? LOL

I'm somewhere between the Tragic Poet and the Necro Goth.

Red Hanky , Black Non Linear Spots...


Saturn is Goth...

99 cent store chic


LOL rock that LOOK!

That was a delightfully entertaining montage.


I'm not Gothic at all, more draconian Teutonic if I need define my current sensibility.


As I find myself engaged in the exploitation of the proletariat I'm amused to think what good employees the goths would make! They already have despaired this world and accept what is their lot; some embraced the chains of bondage in attire - only asking enough for themselves to maintain a lifestyle.


I need goths for the factory, oh yes; bring me the goths!

goths don't like to follow orders though...that punk edge you know ; )

Have you ever heard the song " I was a punk before you were a punk" ?


It says it all. Tubes, that's the band. Campy and time dated.


I look at the evolution from punk to goth into the recent suicide girls thing. That's where it's at this day, from what i see.

i am a rock goth, i wear alot of heavy metal band t-shirts and black pants. but i have to do that on my free time because of work environment where i have to wear pastels and bright pretty colors!boooooooo, i need to find a job where i can dress like me! because if i could afford it i would dress like those girls in the video!

have to wear pastels and bright pretty colors!


wear do you work, Abby, the rainbow bright store? lol

 It is a good ide to be both, like superman and clark kent or like peter parker and spiderman.

Live in both world be goth and be and employee, in this way you have more fun


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