Who here tags places and property or knows someone who does? What is the overall message behind the tags that you know about? Is it a good counter-cultural measure. Should we incarcerate people who create the art of graffiti?


Please post your pics.

Where I live, I see trains with graffiti and have taken photos of them. We have a public art group that started out as graffiti artists. Then there are tags by known gangs.

We have the occasional sigils.  I will go on a walk about and see what I can find in the way of tags and sigils.

First pic shows a community hotline to clean up graffiti.

Second pic shows typical tag markings on trains

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Pagan Priestess, You are very cryptic.

your reply - 'you know ...the thing with the DOOR'

my answer 'DOOR' = a house?

your reply - 'ppl sweat & slave over and everything'

my response = buying into the corporate system?

your reply, 'how does your house look?

my response = most people focus on what they see, therefore - appearances aren't everything.

Hope I translated your words well?


(Ash decides to not reply to Pagan Priestess)

Graffiti News today Oct. 10, 2015

Kings Heath: Pensioner arrested over racist graffiti:


A Wearable Video-Graffiti Blaster that Straps to Your Wrist:


Breakin’ Convention makes Charlotte debut with dance, music, graffiti art


Graffiti from my neighbourhood:


Graffiti News:

The Good: (although there are a lot of popup ads on this website that my browser settings normally screens it is a good article.) Basically it's about a man in the UK is a sort of Indiana Jones of tracking historical graffiti and modern as well...


The Neutral  - a question naturally arises for possible debate - should people snitch on graffiti artists?


The Nasty


Update - I went out on a walk about again looking for graffiti and sigils. This update will include only graffiti.

This is what I found:

These  four shots are from Graffiti Concrete Central which I have baptised with that name. It is formed by the hundreds of slabs and pieces of the more exposed rubble of a demolition area that people have used as a tagging for graffiti. This first one is the herald sign by which our local graffiti group marks their territory. Yes, it is Satanic. This is on the perimeter of Graffiti Concrete Central and it marks the outside of a shell of a still standing room about 5 x 6 (20 x 25ft) metres in dimension. Some desperate homeless people or addicts have used it and left garbage behind. 

This is a shot of an ethnic woman below, (I think) it is on two slabs of cement, divided at her eyes, offering us a glimpse of her split view of us or we of her. The strong shadows highlight this effect.

This is a shot of what looks like the earth and is inscribed with what looks like gold sigils.

I really like the effect of this shot. It is a DNA helix on its side and transposed on it are the natural shadows from leaves that sort of look like fish.

I'll give you a hint of the next content I will next post, with this one:


Some call these Graffiti, some say it has an encrypted message, but they were done over the United States and some out of Country! Is it graffiti, a message, origin still unknown and a movie was made about this graffiti type tiling done on streets and sidewalks.

Hey Sunny, yeah I saw a doc on this on Netflix this is totally apropo. It is called 'Resurrect Dead: The Toynbee Tiles." Don't want to spoil it for you, if you decide to watch it; it was quite good 7.4/10 on IMDB and 65% on Rotten Tomatoes. What is even more curious to me is Cicada 3301. Cicada 3301 began in 2012 as a global internet mensa type puzzle challenge. Clues were randomly dropped worldwide. Whoever solved the puzzles would be granted access to a TOR which led to the Dark Net. I like real life intrigue, but not much into conspiracy theories. Here's a photo of kid's chalk art. If one didn't know, that, one might wonder about the horns on the head of this figure lol And what in the heck is that figure holding in their hand? I posted this just for lighthearted fun, nothing tooo serious

LOL, your to funny, Viking art perhaps?  in a fish bowl, shakes head, :)

I was arrested and almost killed for a cartoon character I drew with a permanent marker on the inside of a free pamphlet dispenser.

After that, I did a lot of chalk art, and I was almost arrested. I was antagonistic about it, because that particular piece, I was mocking and undercover agent that was spying on me and taking pictures when I was doing political activism on the street.

My son's father was a graffiti artist and that's exactly what he was an artist there is a difference in vandalism and jus sloppy cap that gets thrown up most of the really nice artistic pieces that are put up have been done so with permission some even pay graffiti artist to tag there buildings most jus wanna have the satisfaction of there art being seen trains is so it can travel others do it to be dicks and get the rush of vandalism the one that looks like a sigil with w is actually kdog with a crown most have a nickname of some sort that they will throw up or sign there work with

Hey Momma, do you have any pics to share of your former partner's art?

This pic is of an area I call Graffiti Concrete Central

This is art done by local graffiti group.

This is also art done by local graffiti group on the same brick wall.

This is a pic of "Walking Bear," or "Windigo." Do you have any cultural icons expressed there in graffiti form in Wayne, Oklahoma?

there is a creepy Masonic/Illuminati vibe to the organized graffiti artists here, and the underground hiphop scene in Honolulu. They use a lot of Masonic symbols in their art. it's crazy.

Found this today Dec. 8th, 2015 under "Freedom Graffiti."

The Good:


Syrian artist Tammam Azzam and his personal Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" on building in war-torn Syria

The Weird: 

Ambiguous Graffiti on sign in the Fifeville neighborhood in Charlottesville, Va 


The Meaningless: 

Found in downtown Culpeper, Virginia



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