To anyone into eating healthy this is something you have to try.

Badically a green smoothie is a regular smoothie that also has leafy green vegetables in it. It might sound strange but when you blend a pretty neutral tasting green with fruit you cant even taste it yet your still getting the nutrition of a raw green. Green smoothies are delicious and probably one of the healthiest most nutrient packed things you can put in your body.

Today i made one for breakfast that turned out amazing. Here is the recipe(that i made up)

1 apple, sliced, unpeeled
1 banana
A handful or about 1 cup of kale
1 tablespoon flax seeds
About a cup of homemade raw brown rice milk
Some ice cubes(or you could use frozen fruit)

Blend untill smooth and enjoy!

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Kale is awesome when blended because aside from turning the color green you wouldn't guess it was there. The tea leaf thing sounds good.

Kale or spinach leaves are VERY good for the body, and are TOLERABLE when blended with fruit. At work, in the mornings the boss blends up different drinks, all with either kale or spinach. Very good for a healthy body. :)


I really cant taste it. I want to try spinach too.


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