So as I am still new to this world and searching for a path as I sort of make my own. I was wondering if there is such a path that is mostly rooted in working with energy from herbs, stones, and such. No calling of the corners or calling on a deity. I found a little bit of a match, green witchcraft but  I can't seem to find any books that don't draw from wicca. Which I am not against but wicca just isn't for me. 

I have read about a hedge witch as well but I am a little confused as to what really a hedge witch is.

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Thanks, Raven, I just got a new e-reader so it's going to be downloading mayhem this week :) 

Hi and welcome. The book by John Michael Greer - Natural Magic which was also published as Encyclopedia of Natural Magic is same book. I have both one upstairs and one downstairs is very practical book and you learn to make many supplies. It is one of my favorite books. There are specific books on hedge witches some by Rae Beth see Amazon.Not sure if the site is still active. See see sidebar for all sorts of subjects.

I am in one of the northern EU countries and once in a while I try to search things of interest re natural magick online. I used to travel in the past, but these days I am homebound. Outside in nature is a lot to learn and see etc. Success with your study.

I really appreciate these recommendations, I really feel a strong connection when I am in the forest or near a lake, but I really love the rainforest! I was a bit put off from green witchery when I was on Susan Sunweed's site, but it's mostly because I am a vegan and an animal rights activist and she is going against many of my beliefs regarding animals. Where about did your travels take you?

Safay :

Here is a link on Hedgewitchery :

However , not all use herbs to "cross over" , as that is the goal

of the Hedgewitch , to cross over the divide between worlds ;

Some use drumming in a shamanic fashion , shamanic dance ,

chanting , song and sonics , and other methods of achieving

the hyper - liminal state of awareness necessary for bridging


It is part of my Tradition and practice , and has been , for many years...

As the link says , the inner traditions are not for everyone , as doing

this sort of work and workings ( rituals ) requires great ability to ground

*and* move into altered spaces...and the responsibility of such work as

soul retrieval , is not to be taken lightly...;)

I guess I am taking baby steps since I had a quote-unquote nervous breakdown a few years ago so I try to keep my brain in a calm mod. I still suffer from panic attacks and anxiety so I am more interested in learning about herbs and stones and spirit guides. Don't know much about Fae but I am quite sure they stole my scissors today! I mean, there were right there and now completely gone! 

I highly recommend any and all of the Scott Cunningham books for a starting place. He has many books on stones and herbs. You don't have to pay much attention to the religion of Wicca to appreciate his work, just acknowledge the Lord and Lady as divine masculinity/femininity which is a universal principle of duality.

Hi Nakana! I had a book by Scott Cunningham a long time ago, I remember really enjoying it! Maybe it's time to get back into his work. 

In my experience, sage is the newcomer's friend in the herb department. Dry a bunch together to burn for cleansing,cooking, or incense (look up smudgestick). This one is common to a start at herb gardening.

Quartz for stones. Personally, I think it's the best stone to start developing a scrying practice with and it's pretty easy to find. 

The rest is really up to you. A hedge witch is primarily defined as a solitary practitioner. 

You may also look at left hand and right hand magic (white and dark), as a starting point to consider. White would be a bit more green in a modern sense, for example. 

Hi Noah, I just purchased a smudge stick and have been using it every day when I come home, I just light it and let it burn as I do my cooking. If I had a really bad day I try to sage myself. There is some much information about crystals! I was told that quart can also pick up negative energies and keep them trapped.  I have one but I am not wanting to use it since it has been around bad energy. Who entire collection of stones is from my previous marriage and I don't know how I feel about them anymore. I feel like they remind me of bad times. Would you suggest dumping them?

You could cleanse the stones with seasalt and water, then pass them through a cleansing incense and put them away for a time, get them out and repeat same process again. Omit water for stones that could dissolve in water. Some people bury them in earth for cleansing. A flowerpot with earth if one has no garden. If you still dislike stones after this then get new stones.

I agree that you could cleanse them, but if it's bad mojo to you then you might be putting that in yourself. So, that's really up to you. You can try to overcome it or just ditch the stuff. I've had to do that a few times with different things. 

I think I misspoke about hedge witches also, I meant that they are frequently solitary, not that they are defined by it.


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