So as I am still new to this world and searching for a path as I sort of make my own. I was wondering if there is such a path that is mostly rooted in working with energy from herbs, stones, and such. No calling of the corners or calling on a deity. I found a little bit of a match, green witchcraft but  I can't seem to find any books that don't draw from wicca. Which I am not against but wicca just isn't for me. 

I have read about a hedge witch as well but I am a little confused as to what really a hedge witch is.

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I would be *very* interested , in any *well documented* ,

not hearsay , or someone saying they did it with friends ,

incidences of multiple hedge witch liminal experience ;

IE : group crossing over together

( not only me , but believe me , the government as well )...;)

Ever hear of Ong's Hat ?

This was just the beginning of a long experiment...or was it ?

And how long has it been going on ?

Just what is a "hedge witch" ? ( smiles )...

I met Nick in Santa Cruz in the '80's...along with others...

There was a group long ago , in the jungle using a tech egg...

But *that* is a *whole 'nuther thing*...

Hedge witchcraft is more concerned with otherworldly workings. Hence "riding the hedge". Green witchcraft is more concentrated on the earth and nature.

I would add Valiente's book on Natural Magic. (You could probably get the pdf free.)

Ah, this is very helpful, thank you!

Although it derives partly from Wicca I would highly recommend Cunningham's works. His books on Magical herbalism and on the properties of stones and metals are excellent and give the energetic properties of herbs stones and metals. you might also check out Mastering Herbalism by  Huson


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