I just wanted to share some phenomena (sp?) around my house lately. My mom is waiting on an inheritance from her late brother (boyd) I knew him my whole life and I still can sense his prescnence around my house, plus I inherited bedroom furniture from him... Yesterday I felt really restless and I kept seeing things appear (small things) around the house and then my writings notebook disappeared. Boyd was a bachelor his whole life and had not children ( maybe he was trying to clean up or something?) ANYWAY, I got a new eyeliner ( appreared near my sink) out of it.

Also , I have one small window in the bedroom and all weekend I could here (conversations) of a sort around it and the light coming through it sometimes had pattersn or a change in texture from the rest of my house.

In the middle of the night I saw a growing dark spot near my light switch, it appeared to be trying to mess with it or turn it on.

Also saw a very small looking UFO in the skey black with some kind of fuzz around ilt. It was definitely hovering ov3er the abandoned HOTEL across the street.

Overall it was a pleaseant day with my family of spirits, barring the inability to sleep well!

Blessings Be

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Unfortunately ,we can't choose our family.

Interesting enough this article appreared on Facebook day after... good timing!


When the dead come calling

There are a few simple means used to counter any negative influence by such entities.

Pardon if these are common and known, but burning sagebrush or white sage or similar smudge can clear things out some.

Also, find a wild flower with white petals and rub them into your forehead, smashing them, so the substance remains on your skin. This is a block against negative mental influences.

My apartment is haunted as well. I saw the full bodied apparition of a women in the hallway. My wife and i on separate occasions felt someone sit on the bed and there was no one there, and the door knob on the closet was turning on its own. 

Yeah, I've been having negative experiences lately.  So, I used a combination of angels and gods to try to clear them out.  I'm a Chaos Magician so I'm very eclectic in my practice.  So, I used some arch-angels and the Japanese God Bishamonten to remove spirits.  I like Bishamonten. After requesting for help, it seems like the problems are gone. But in fair-ness, it could've been the combined help of Bishamonten and arch-angel Michael.

id offer you a solution, it just depends if you want to fix the situation or not. if you do, let me know and ill share a magical technique that you can use that is effective in your situation.


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