Now I don't want to start a fight or offend anyone, but what is with the bickering between those who walk the left hand path and those that walk the right hand path? I've done a little research on both and can't figure out where the animosity between them comes from. can anyone explain this to me?

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LHP is all dark and evil. RHP is all fluffy and light...*rolls her eyes*

I say blah! Who cares? Anyone that reacts to someone based off of anything other then the person is a closed minded idiot, pagan or not.

I'm a 'look ma no hands' kind of girl myself!
you're right. also kudos for that "Look ma no hands" joke; very clever. I've heard those on the right accuse the left of being selfish and self-serving, while the left calls those on the right fluffy and sheep-like. Is this an odd accusation or is there some truth to it?
From a left-handed point of view, many of the right-handed path-ers seem a bit on the ignorant side. For someone such as myself, this results in a large amount of animosity.

Is it right? I don't know. Is it unneeded? Probably. Do I care? Hell no.

In the end, left hand and right hand are merely labels so that we can more easily fit shit into a box.

Edit: As a disclaimer, I do not believe everyone whose views differ from mine to be "fluffy" or wrong. The people I dislike are merely an extremely vocal minority.

Editedit: Apologies for all the edits and what is most likely shitty grammar. I'm pretty god damn tired.
People are sometimes just quite silly,me included,I am sure. Personaly,I myself am lef handed. Oh,wait,we're talking about something other then the hand one writes with.... Ugh,I walk a middle path,I don't,at this point,consider myself 100% right,left,or any other which way. I just am what I am.
Unions are boring. I prefer watching shit catch on fire.
As a lefty that's caught a ton of heat, in my experience the righties think that I " over step my bounds", "what about the law of 3" rolls eyes. In most circles that I've been to, when they find out I'm a lefty .......there goes the love. There are very few people that see me as left and when people find out they are disappointed. But, it is where my talent is therefore, it is what I practice.
I have more important things to meditate upon then whether or not I walk a left or right path. The point is focusing just on the "white and fluffy" vs "dark and evil" is not good for anyone ones spiritual growth, in my opinion. Kind of reminds me of that song...can't think of the name....goes something like...."love and marriage love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage...can't have one without the other" lol something like that. I don't believe in the right or left I believe you can't have purely good or purely evil and to try and start a fight over it (which has happened since the ancient way became fractured due to fighting and persecution) is silliness.
Now that I've said this I'm most likely going to get pelted with tomatoes but oh well lol bring it on haha :)


Ambidexterity anyone? lol!
I agree. After the answers I've gotten from people and the research I've done, it just seems like an excuse for someone to be mean to another.
lol ...

all because a left handed person was holding the sacrificial dagger with the LEFT hand instead of their right.

left hand, right hand... what does it matter, the dagger is still a blade, and the magick is still real.
I really don't want to know whats going on.
I should know because usually I get attacked by both sides because they think I belong to the other, but after a while only personal or content-related animosities remain. I noticed that LHPs are often annoyed by the hypocrisy of RHP. While I often have a hard time to see the L in LHP and aside from deviant and sometimes not my cup of tea fashion statements I am alright with most of them, as they tend to sound like any sensible Heathen would. RHP in experience means most of all: pragmatic.

This does not quite fit into the fantasy of an ideal world of some, not all, RHP people. Yes, I do have an idealistic streak, but, please, come on. You have to stand your grounds.


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