Best wishes to all of you! Any special plans?

I'm going to get up early to bake a few loaves, and I'll be having friends around for lunch in the garden. We may even be making corn dollies!

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Blessing to you, hope the air full of energy for you and your guests, enjoy

I my self have had a wonderful evening full of energy and i'm looking forward to having a feast with my children tomorrow, blessed be

Lughnasadh is my favorite sabbat.  I'm usually camping but my favorite campground is closed this year.  I don't have a particular plan with my pagan friends so I will probably do something on my own.

That really sounds interesting! Care to share?

Thank you, and hope you have a wonderful time in your garden.

Yes this is the official Lughnasadh!  The folks in my coven have to work so we are having our celebration Saturday in the woods.  We are trying to get a local bakery to bake a loaf of bread to represent Lugh.  We will build a wicker effigy of Lugh and burn it and we have this ritual where we take a dollar fold it into a corn dolly and throw it into the fire of the burning effigy of Lugh.  The dollar representing our sacrifice to the harvest.  At the cakes and ale ritual we tear the loaf of Lugh Bread apart and eat some of it and then throw the rest to the woodland animals and spirits.  We cast the circle and call the quarters and deities and elements and then release the deities and elements and open the circle.  This Sabbat we will cast the circle with a hug and a kiss, it's really cool and it will be the first time we've done it.  That's what is so great about being eclectic, we are not stuck on one way all the time.   

Totallly cool sounds like a blast enjoy!

Blessed Lughnasadh to those who celebrate it on the first :)

PSA - if you're making wheel- or sun-shaped bread, make 8 cuts, never 6 - otherwise, it will look like a turtle. 

It was a blast, all right. Brown soda bread and sourdough, still warm from the oven, spinach and rocket salad with red beans and sweetcorn, and Eton mess. Too much wine and cider going around to manage the corn dollies, though - they look like something we could have done in nursery, but a good giggle.

I baked bread by hand  - usually I use the bread machine. But, special occasions call for special effort. :-) I made a summer vegetable soup, and poured it into the bread "bowls". Well, bowl as it's just me. Still, quite good and a nice way to celebrate. I didn't think the bread bowl would work as I didn't use a special recipe. Just divided my dough into round-ish shapes. Then, once baked, hollowed out from the top. It held up surprisingly well!

A few (beer sized!) bottles of cider may have disappeared as well. ;-)

Hope everyone had/is having a good one (depending on time zone!). 

Tomatoes from the tomatoe pots,fire outside and some wine! ENJOY ALL!


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