Has anyone else had their pet(s) attempt to shield or protect in dreams?

My daughter and I are the proud pet parents of 3 beautiful cats. For the last several days my child and I have sensed that someone is trying to sabotage our dreams for the purpose of accessing our thoughts and memories. I feel as if this is a form of psychic attack. My daughter and I have often dreamed together. To be exact: she would piggy back and follow me into my dreamscape. So we have always sensed the other.

The first upsetting dream happened three days ago. My daughter's secrets were written all over the walls in a public place for all to see in her dream. I was distracted while this was happening.

The night after that happened, one of my cats slept with me. She accompanied me into the dream world and both my daughter and I slept in peace.

Last night, all three of my cats (plus my daughter) were with me in both my dream and in the here and now. Thankfully I have a big enough bed!! Has this happened to anyone else? Do you think they are trying to shield us? 

I would be interesting in hearing any advice or experience you have on the subject. Also, I did try to condense this post. Sooo if you have any questions regarding what I have written please feel free to post those too.


Love and light to you all

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I'm the same way with my mom where we are psychically connected 99 percent of the time and have had the same dreams in the past.

Animals pick up on different energies and spirits around them very fast. The dreams could mean either your subconscious mind has a lot of thoughts that they are coming forth into your conscious mind which could cause the dreams. Or if you really think you are under a psychic attack, your animals will know and they do help protect you.

I have some spells in some of my books that have specific spells and rituals to help banish or get rid of an attack that I can refer to you.

I hope that makes sense. This is just my opinion and advice. I hope it helped.

Blessed Be!

I haven't had the type of dream experience you have with another person.  I have had my pets appear in my dreams.  Sometimes they are protecting me and sometimes I am protecting them.  I do believe animals have special souls.  Whether they sense something within us on a psychic level or a physical level (i.e. body tension, etc.), I believe they know when we need them.  There is a special bond between the souls of some humans and their animal companions' souls.


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