I had a REALLY weird experience when I was a kid. One day during recess, while playing everything and everyone I saw froze in place for a few seconds. During that 'time' all the people were outlined by a brilliant white light. And then everything when back to normal. I know I wasn't the only kid who experienced this, as every kid on the playground just stood around looking stunned and asking each other 'What happened?' and 'Did you see that?' 

Any thoughts, questions, experiences?

Love and Blessings to All!!!

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Wow very fascinating.

I've seen and experienced Time "slowing" as I refer to it too,on different occasions....I read an article on "Time Bending" a long time back on how to manipulate time,at least to oneself in your head. I try this,at times.especially if I'm in a great place,like the Carribean,lol.....One time dancing around the fire,a big balefire,I was "watching" and participating.....

""watching" and participating"


Queen Celticass,

                       I've been thinking a lot about your post and I was thinking that this experience took place in the late 70's (pretend you never heard about these things called age and birthdays), it was a time of secret government projects like MK_ULTRA. It could be the cause behind the event. Will look into 'time bending'. 

Thanks for the post!

I heard of it  was it not called project Pegasus.

I have had those moments when more then one person notices it as an electromagnetic discharge from earth. Or so that's the only way I've had this type of event explained to me. On another side about 5 years ago I experienced a time freeze as you call it. In my own experience I was walking to pick my books up off a lunch room table in school because I forgot to grab them. When I looked up from my books to apologize I looked right into someones eyes and it seemed like everyones movements slowed until time stopped. Then after a few moments it seemed like time caught up to it self and it was sort of like it fast forwarded to where it should've been.

Wow! What an experience! I have sometimes wondered if as some scientists claim that matter on the sub-atomic level can be influenced by our observing it, could the same be true about time?

As for the electromagnetic discharge, that is a possibility, but I saw nor felt any effect except that I couldn't move. Maybe it was a discharge, that would explain the paralysis. Or maybe if it was a discharge it somehow triggered the time freeze?

So many possibilites.

My experience, time was not frozen, I kind of
Time warped. I was about 11 years old, my mom,
Aunt, sister, and myself went to a concert. We were
Having so much fun. When we left, we all remember
Getting into the car and sitting in the parking lot traffic,
The next thing we knew, we were home, but not even 5 mins
Passed... This is not the only time this has happened to me.
It has become a little more frequent..

Ravenwolf, since this has happened to you more than once, have you ever thought that maybe your the one doing it? Maybe you have a latent ability to teleport.

Really makes you wonder just how tightly woven is the fabric of space and time, doesn't it?!

I had a weird experience about four years ago.  I was digging up an artifact and felt weird.  I looked up at the sky and all of a sudden the clouds started to travel like time was flying.  It stopped after a minute or two.  I got the hebe Jebies and packed up everything.  I guess I had enough anyway, I was out digging about an hour .....I thought.....about three hours had elapsed.

Either my consciousness slowed way down for the a few hours or the time around my location sped up and I got to witness it.  The funny thing is that there was very little wind at ground level, the trees weren't moving much.   It would be hard to believe that the clouds were moving that fast, it would probably be over four hundred miles an hour.  They were moving faster than a commercial jet does by a longshot.


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