Me personally I don't do them but I was just curious if anyone has started to achieve any of there own or have you given up on them too.

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that's what I need to do to. Thanx Rose
that's very cool , bow, I ddn't know that about Austrailia thanx for answering
that was beautiful thank you
Iagreewith silver that's awesome I'e decied I'm not gonna looemuch wieght untill whave kds cause I don't wanna get relly thin and then gain t and have to loose itagain. AHHH what a merry go round so I thin I wll jut be happy with myself for now ... hugs to all good night keeptalking though if your up.
gosh you tel I'm tire look at ALL MY tpOs LOL
chocolates are supposed to be good for you though - antioxidents and all that...l.. think people just don't want to give up thier chocolate so they say antioxdents Are good for you .
Mine was really simple: to take more steps. I've been good. I usually don't make a resolution but this year I wanted to be different. : )
My resolution was to pay off my toyota-got it paid on Feb 10th...


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