l would be hounerd if any one would send love and healing to my mother who at this moment is so ill
her name is Annie and she is 78 l would be grateful if any one will do this for me
blessings to you all

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Sending Ur Way Anne ... :0)
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Many healing prayers and love are on the way. Blessed Be!
I will light her a candle:)
I will light her a candle and send healing energy
I will light a candle for her too.
many thanks to you all
blessing to you all
Friendship Comments & Graphics
~Magickal Graphics~

thank you all for your love/prayers blessings to you all
Your very welcome. A healing candle is burning for all whom are in need! Blessings
Strength and healing energies to Annie...blessings to her...and to you!
Love & light & healing sent her way

So Mote it Be!!
thank you so much that means a lot to me and ma mum
again a thousand thank yous
BB to you
Anne x


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