Having just responded to a posting in here, I'm wondering how many of us seem to think negative health, or overweight is something that is being DONE TO US? When do we get to the point of realising its entirely our own responsibility and the outcome of our past choices = today's health or weight/shape? Its in the not doing, or not taking stock of where we are at on a frequent basis thats leading us down the wrong health road. So many think that Arthritus, for instance, is something that just happens in old age, instead of recognising it as the outcome of many years of poor eating and unwise food choices, stress etc.... So in the not doing, or not choosing to change along the way to a more positive lifestyle = a worse one than we would have IF we took time out to have a balanced lifestyle.

So who of you have had an AHA MOMENT recently, which have changed your lifestyle for the better and why, what was the catalyst? Was it an illness, lack of energy or what? What worked for you??
BB St. L. de V.

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I don't think I've reached my "AHA MOMENT" yet, but there was a point, after trying different weight loss programs and diets, that I realized that I should just eat *healthier*. So I made it a point to eat less junk food and find healthier alternatives to the foods I eat regularly. So if I did get healthier and weight loss was a side effect of eating healthier then good. I've tried to over come a mentality that I had for a long time which was my downfall ever time I tried to lose weight. It was the idea of doing it perfectly...that is, it was devasting for me to lose only .5 or .X lbs in a week, or to gain .X llbs. I would be really hard on myself. That was because I had that idea of perfect weight loss. Being strictly on the diet I was on and not falling off the wagon. Now I don't weigh myself as often and I'm ok with the occasional slip up. I keep reminding myself "Progress not perfection!", that seems to have worked better for me :)

My healthy choices now include low fat cheeses, low fat dressings, trying to eat my 5 a day of fruits and veggies, getting in 3 servings of low fat dairy. High fiber cereal, pasta, oat meal and brad. I drink plenty of water, take a multivitamin. I try not to let myself get too hungry for a long time. Sugar free candy, 0 cal soda (but only once in a blue moon).
I know this thread is dead but I love this comment! Eating healthy is about making good choices because you respect and cherish yourself. The goal is not necessarily to be skinny, the goal is to be healthy, which will happen when we eat what is good for us and stop choosing foods that harm us.
Yes, indeed this is pure truth.
The notion that we are our own worst enemy comes to mind here...after all, isn't our own selves who decide what to eat and when? Are we not the ones who KNOW we should always be getting healthy exercise, but yet seem to put it off? Yes, we are our own worst enemy!

The good news? Choices can be changed. :)

Warm blessings, my friends.

-David Darkfire-
I've had a moment like that just becasue I didn't want to end up with diabeties or heart problems. I'm on my way to making changes to my life.

Sorry to hear about the housemate situation, but I've been there, done that before too. :)

It sounds like you have the ideas and knowledge to help yourself, which is the start. :) In addition, I might suggest cutting sodium way down in your diet as well.

Good luck! We're all here!

Warm blessings,

-David Darkfire-
Dragondancer- good for you! how can healthy food be from the devil??
anyway- it looks like you are well on your way. As for milk; one of the components in milk is used in woodworking glue. Humans lose the enzymes to digest it at 3- thats because we're supposed to be weaned!
then there's all the chemicals...:0 Speaking of chemicals- McDonalds is full of chemicals that are bad for everyone especially for those who have ADD and ADHD.
I've been an athlete most of my life- but now, that I'm not competing in anything- its hard to keep motivated to workout. I'm a healthy eater(most of the time); getting back into the gym is the hardest, but once I do that I know it'll be easier. :)
I've lost over 80 lbs in the last 2 years by exercise, eating healthy food, portion control, staying away from processed foods... I still have around 40 to go and have been pretty much staying in one spot for the last couple of months. Now the holidays are over, it is time to go all out. I do best when I keep track of what I eat every day. The Weight Watcher tracker is perfect for that. If you don't want to pay $17 a month for that, just write everything down and get a book or go online and find your calories. Try to stay under 1500 calories. If you lose on that, you stay there, if you lose too much too fast, add some calories. If you are not losing fast enough (don't try to lose more than 2 lbs a week - too easy to gain back), take off a couple 100 calories. My AHA moment? My health was starting to go. My feet hurt so bad I couldn't walk. I was having severe pain in my chest due to GERD. My knees and ankle hurt all the time. Now, I no longer take heartburn medication, my joints still hurt, but I walked a 5K in August. I ride my recumbant bike every day. I loved the treadmill, but my feet couldn't handle it. I'm going to start more weight lifting and see if I can move the numbers on the scale! I'm 55 years old and am not getting any younger. I have switched to herbal teas from soda in the last few weeks and am trying to go cleaner and more organic with my food.

i know its kind of late to reply to this but my healthy choice is being vegan. people always tell me that i wont be healthy and that this is bad for me. but i dont listen to them and i listen to my spirit. even though my animal spirit is a wolf she supports my dissension to be vegan. and with so many people not having any faith in my eating habits i do my best to not eat junk food very much, almost never and to get enough exercise, and i must say i am healthier than all the meat lovers i know, and my boyfriend stopped having allergies to nature and cats a few months after i converted him to veganism

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Very well put.
thank you for that


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