Having just responded to a posting in here, I'm wondering how many of us seem to think negative health, or overweight is something that is being DONE TO US? When do we get to the point of realising its entirely our own responsibility and the outcome of our past choices = today's health or weight/shape? Its in the not doing, or not taking stock of where we are at on a frequent basis thats leading us down the wrong health road. So many think that Arthritus, for instance, is something that just happens in old age, instead of recognising it as the outcome of many years of poor eating and unwise food choices, stress etc.... So in the not doing, or not choosing to change along the way to a more positive lifestyle = a worse one than we would have IF we took time out to have a balanced lifestyle.

So who of you have had an AHA MOMENT recently, which have changed your lifestyle for the better and why, what was the catalyst? Was it an illness, lack of energy or what? What worked for you??
BB St. L. de V.

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Like a lot of people the time around my birthday is used for introspection. Just like continual learning, I continually work on be the person I like best in myself. I have been overweight to some degree most of my adult life, but until this year it didn't really enter my mind as something that was a problem. I am very comfortable with myself, maybe too comfortable. This year it came to me with a bang that I needed a change. As I was eating it I thought "this tastes like crap." Am I grateful or happy that I am eating crap? What on earth is eating crap doing to me? I am a smart woman, I know whole foods are healthier, and I already ate a LOT of healthy whole foods. Some that I didn't even really like.


So I decided to focus on preparing tastier meals, and enjoying them. Now I pay attention to what I am eating and to when my body is fulfilled. If the taste is not keeping my attention, I stop eating it and come back later.


Another thing is that I walk a LOT, so I can spend as much time out of doors as possible. It feeds my soul. I decided that instead of walking each evening, I might try running a little. I love it! I still walk, but now I run too. I feel awesome. I have tons more energy and focus, and I have lost 30 pounds since my birthday!


Am I perfect... NO... I still turn to candy and coffee when I am stressed... but now the better part of my week is healthier, so the balance is met for me.



try cardio boxing when you get stressed. it feels so good. play some angry music or inspiring music, both work for me, and just punch out into the air like you are punching at your stress to make it leave. add in a few kicks to, the better your balance, the higher you can kick. And good job with what you have accomplished, keep up the good work

Thanks for the suggestion! Today at work I shut the door & locked it :) put on my head phones with the music on loud & punched a few times while thinking about the frustration leaving... I felt a little silly at first, but at least the giggling made it better. A longer cord on the head phones is in order, so I can actually move a bit and punch :) and the vending machine missed me this afternoon too :)



you don't have to thank me for the suggestion, i just like to help. it doesn't matter to me whether or not people try my advice, but it does bring a smile to my face when people give my suggestions a try, whether or not it works for them. so i thank you for bringing a smile to my face. and I'm glad you had fun with it


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