Does anyone have any experience with this goddess? She seems like the type of goddess I would like to worship, but it seems many people view her as too dark. Also, I understand that it's a bit taboo to mix pantheons, so which gods would be acceptable to worship alongside her (I prefer to worship a male and female divinity)? Thank you all for reading.

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My dog seems comfortable too when I call upon her...though dogs are said to be associated with her. Maybe because dogs are supposed to not like cats, cats get skiddish when she is called (as she's accompanies by hounds).

Too dark? Dark doesn't mean bad, we all have our dark, if we are well balanced we see this and accept it, use it for those hard or difficult situations that life brings us. When I first came to this way of life, I tried so hard to find a Goddess to honor, but none felt right, the one that continually made Herself known to me was Morrigan, but, in my ignorance I was affraid of Her, for the same reasons, She is too dark, a Goddess of death, and so on. But one day I just let go of all those preconceptions and opened up, I found that She IS a Goddess of death, war and blood, but also SO much more, She is a Goddess of strength, magick, life, and soverignity, She has taught me so much and my love has grown over the years. I think you will find the same with Hekate, I had the opprotunity to enter the circle with a woman who followed Hekate and we did a dark moon ritual in honor of Her, it was powerful and wonderful, I felt such a presence, one that I have only felt in circle with my Beloved One. So never mind the words of others who have not taken the time to really look and know who Hekate is, if She calls to you, She has chosen you, follow and learn from those who have a longer relationship to Her. As for the male deity, one will find you too, all you have to do is be open. 

I mix pantheons, I have Celtic and Nordic blood and both panteons speak to me, my Male is Odin, or All Father, he is the light balance to my dark and it has worked very well for me. Don't allow others to set rules for your faith.

Hekate is one of many Dark Goddesses.  These are not the same as evil goddesses: but they are passionate, and can be violent.  Some people do not like that: and that is okay, but by the same token it's okay to like that.   She is a very protective Goddess, and a very good teacher.  She was worshipped by the Greeks, Romans: so meditate on those Gods, it's as good a starting place as any. 


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