Does anyone have any experience with this goddess? She seems like the type of goddess I would like to worship, but it seems many people view her as too dark. Also, I understand that it's a bit taboo to mix pantheons, so which gods would be acceptable to worship alongside her (I prefer to worship a male and female divinity)? Thank you all for reading.

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I see her as another face of the goddess who wears many masks and by many names. She is beautiful but cruel. Protector and bringer of wisdom.

There is no taboo mixing beliefs. This must be a Wiccan thing (not Wiccan myself) because I don't see this detriment.

Interestingly, in the Golden Ass (That's the actual name of the book.) Isis tells the mc her many names, Hecate is one of them.

Thanks for the info Xoc!

Hekate is is the Queen Of Witches, as you may know a three formed Goddess. She is Artemis as Virgin, Selene, as Mother and of course Hekate as Crone.

Goddess of Wisdom, Life, Death, & Rebirth.

Tonight Nov 16th is the Night of Hekate( Her Night)(Greek)

Great time for Divination,& Fortune telling.

I spell her name with a K, as my group is Daughetrs Of Hekate, here on PaganSpace, feel free to join. I post Dark Moon Rituals for all of her daughters, next is 11-22-14.

from my group Daughters Of Hekate

By Z. Budapest

November 16th

Night Of Hecate (Greek)

This is the night of Hecate, the Goddess of the Witches and of the Crossroads. She who is Three-Formed.

Hecate has been seen as part of the most ancient form of the Moon Goddess Trinity: Artemis, the Virgin, Selene, the Mother & Hecate, the Crone.

She is the heavenly midwife, and the women most closely associate with her in the community were midwives. Hecate's worship was held at crossroads where three different roads met, for she was/is the Goddess of transformation and ruled the passages of life. People left food out at the crossroads as a sacrifice to Hecate( although, of course, they understood that it was to be eaten by the poor.)

her sacred symbol was/is the toad, universally used as a symbol for conception. Witches paid homage to her as the Witch Queen. From her came prophecies and cures, visions and magic. Her ancient threefold power was plagiarized by the new patriarchal priests and promptly assigned to their new God, namely, the three fold power of Christ to rule in heaven, on earth and in hell. This is a good night for fortune-telling, meditations, and prophecies.

The Grandmother of Time. by Z.Budapest

Blessed Be!


oh and Khthonian was considered to be her consort, but most mythology doesn't mention her having a Consort, as she is whole by herself, as life giving and life taking of ones spirit

I personally lean Monotheists in my path.
Excellent info Lotus. Thank oh. I never new all that about Hecate.

The triple goddess thing is really pushing it somewhat in Wicca. She is portrayed that way, but because she's the goddess of crossroads and Artemis and Selene aren't necessary facets. She's also not a crone. On the contrary, she is described is more of a "maiden", much as Artemis is.

See here.

She didn't have a major mythological role either. There's very few myths about her.

November 16th I make an offering of steak for her hounds. apples and Eggs for sustenance on her journey. I also pour whiskey on the ground. I call on her often when I need to be in my power. I find her helpful when I need to turn on my bitch queen power.

In the Wiccan Path that is a big no no mixing Pantheons. 

The Key is know yourself and your deity well.

I am a Priestess and Witch of Hekate- She is not for all, for not everyone can handle Her energies.

Hekate does not play. She was originaly known to be a Maiden and then through the years She has revealed Herself as Triple Goddess Queen of Witches,Queen of the Night and Nocturnal Magick.  Dragons, and Dogs are closely associated with Her. 

Hekat Trivia Goddess of the Crossroads- protector of women

She is powerful. Her lessons as life can be cold and hard, but more because it is we who make it so.

Balance is Good, but keep in mind we all have female, and male energies in us.

I have a question about mixing pantheons...Why is it so taboo? I mean, I highly doubt the gods are racist, so I don't see how it is a problem here. Not trying to sound disrespectful; I've just been wondering because I feel a calling of a god and goddess from different pantheons. Thank you for replying.

personally I think its bunk. Aside from my beliefs if you look at the gods they are all part of our humanity. I agree that they aren't racist. Hard polytheists would disagree thinking they are separate.I think only wiccans think it's a taboo thing as a control issue. Their paths are pretty strict..and not strict. I don't know,but I think it's silly.


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