Does anyone have any experience with this goddess? She seems like the type of goddess I would like to worship, but it seems many people view her as too dark. Also, I understand that it's a bit taboo to mix pantheons, so which gods would be acceptable to worship alongside her (I prefer to worship a male and female divinity)? Thank you all for reading.

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Haha! True! Not good form at all...

Neo-Wicca is a gobbeldy g*** of pantheon mixing.  It's fair game but it also isn't Wicca (not technically speaking). It's more or less just Neopaganism.

That's what the hard core folks say. Wicca is very specific. Any variation is just paganism. Eclectic. NOT Wiccan. And they get pretty nasty about it. Lots of folks consider themselves "solitary eclectic wiccan". That phrase really gets the "true" wiccans all torqued and twisted.

I used the example of being catholic. I say I'm a member of the Catholic Church. I only go to mass on Xmas. Haven't been to confession in years. I take birth control pills and I like to watch jimmy Swaggert ministries on tv. Does that mean I'm not still a catholic. The response I got was "well that's different." Alllllrighty then. Ha!

I think they get nasty out of frustration.  It would be like trying to argue Islam with a Catholic.  Can you be eclectic Islam?  Is Catholicism discernible from being a Baptist?

In terms of folk tradition, you'd be accepted as a Catholic.  However if you didn't confirm as a Catholic, that's another matter.

It's among the reasons that Neo-Wicca is tolerated.  What else can be done about it?

Nasty out of frustratin...more Ike nasty for the sake of being nasty. Superior. I a true" wiccan. You're not. While that may be true, it's still a ridiculous argument to have IMO. Especially when you get your panties all in a bunch. Discuss it. Educate folks on the history of Wicca, the New Forest witches, Gardner. That's all well and good. I enjoyed the eu to even tho it sent matter to me. But it got ugly.

While yes, confirmation is necessary to be a "true catholic I s'pose, the point remains the same. Doing one thing a little differently than what you're supposed to doesn't change your religion. A catholic is still a catholic even if they're bad at it.

Hell I don't even know what I am. I know more of what I'm not than what I am. ;-p
Hi Jocelyn, I'm a hard polydeist, I don't see a problem with mixing pantheons. Since you are looking to create your own religion, you get to make the rules.
My thoughts exactly. You're the one that walks your path. No one should define that oath for you. I have created my own "religion" as well and I don't give a second thought to what others think. That's the beauty of paganism IMO.

with all this argument about what Wicca is or isn't, Im glad Im a Witch, not a

Ditto Lotus. I don't have any place in this argument being druid.

Amen Sister Lotus! This is not an argument tho. This is a mild discussion compared to what I've seen the "harm none" wiccans get into.

And that's not bias against harm none wiccans. Just describing my experiences. Those folks were ready to kill anyone who even suggested that "true" Wicca had evolved or changed at all and neo Wicca had no business saying they were wiccan. It was vicious. Blessed Be. ;-p

You should see the "discussions" I've seen in regards to "blessed be".

Love & light & Kerry meet merry part. They get all bent over that too. And if you even mention the "rede" they go all nutters on you. Or that's wha I've seen anyway.

Can't we all just get along? *cackles*


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