Does anyone have any experience with this goddess? She seems like the type of goddess I would like to worship, but it seems many people view her as too dark. Also, I understand that it's a bit taboo to mix pantheons, so which gods would be acceptable to worship alongside her (I prefer to worship a male and female divinity)? Thank you all for reading.

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That is true. Besides, so many people act like mixing is something that was never done in the ancient world.

The true wiccans of ancient times didn't do it Jason. *snickers*. Some of them refuse to even accept that Wicca was not defined before the 50's or whenever it was. I think that's why I'm such a walk your own path and do your own thing sort. When someone else starts slapping rules on it it always seems to get ugly.

She sounds similar to Nyx.

The Titans are fairly interesting to me. Like Chronos, even. (Time flies you know!) The Greek concept of chaos is something I certainly believe in and maybe the sometimes chaotic nature of Titans comes from them being closer to it because they were directly born from it.

People oft ignore them but the Greek didn't in the way modern folk did. I was strangely drawn to Nyx a few years ago and honestly, I have no idea why. So, when I played Persona 3 and it revolved around Greek mythos that used Nyx, it was pretty awesome. You'd like it if you're a gamer.

One thing I don't get about modern interpretations of Greek mythology is one person like Herakles usually, challenges the gods and wins. It's always this guy vs the gods in Western interpretations. (Persona 3  is Eastern and closer to actual Greek interpretation.) I know this is OT but it bothers me. Clash of the Titans did this and so did God of War later on etc. Xena does it but does it in a way where the gods are restored their power, still exist, and some side with her, so I don't count it. It's much more of a complex relationship. But the one man/demigod vs all the gods, seems like a backlash to polytheism.

Yeah my friend read them because she had a daughter and she said the movie completely twisted it. I also like that he's not the son of Zeus but of Poseidon.

I thought a long time about this trope that I came to that conclusion. I don't know if anyone else has. I'm going to look it up.

Funny Xoc but as I was reading your post I was thinking the same thing..."backlash to polytheism" thing that is. I think it also smells of the age old story of good vs. evil. All these evil gods who are not THE God are wicked and it takes one badass human to deal with it and restore goodness and mercy to the world. *heavy sigh*

..."the Greek concept of chaos..."

Ha! You haven't a clue! Wait til you have Greek in laws! Hahaha!
Very cool Nephele. Once again you've educated me on something I didn't know!
Well of COURSE it is. Librarians are cool. So are Librans. ;-p

Yes, on several occasions for Esbats.  I had two cats at the time (only one survives now) and when I called upon Hecate, a few minutes afterwards my cats would bolt and run out of the room.  On nights I called upon other deities this didn't happen.  Odd, don't you think?

That does sound a bit strange. Thank you for sharing! :)

Wow Daphnis. That would sorta freak me out. Did the cats return to "normal" after your working was over? Just curious how long it took them to calm themselves.

or My experience is different. I have a dog named Raj who is my familiar. When I call upon Hekate he seems comfortable. I think that's because Hekate is often depicted with dogs. She is a face of the goddess to me and that aspect doesn't bother my dog (neither does any other face)


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