Help! I'm not sure if I'm crazy or if it's something worse..

The more I’m piecing things together, the scarier it’s starting to sound and I don’t know what’s going on or what to do. Lately over the past month or so I’ve been under more mental pressure than usual but there was really no trigger for it. A few weeks ago my salt lamp stopped working, it’s been my sort of safety net because I don’t like being in my room when it’s too dark. After then I started hearing noises. Like scratching, grumbling, humming and words I never can realize what they are saying. I would hear them when I’m not home and when I’m around people but they don’t seem to hear anything and just tell me it’s in my head or an animal around. About a week after the light went out my fan started making weird noises. It never does this. I have little clips in it and If you press and hold the clips a certain way they will hit the blades. At first thought it just the vibration of the fan but it would only stop when I looked at it, no matter how long and I was up an extra 2 hours looking at my fan and looking away with different amounts of time to make sure it wasn’t a pattern. This next part is what really scared me. I was laying in bed with my boyfriend (in underwear and a T-shirt) and out of nowhere I got a massive raised scratch on my back hip. It looked like a fresh cat scratch but my cat wasnt really near me, or my hip all day (as I was working, then took a shower before my bf came over) and the scratch wasn’t there before we got in bed. We checked the bed and everywhere around me and we found nothing that would leave that mark there (not even my own nails) All while this is happening, roughly about when the fan thing happened I started to feel sick, tired and I would get irritated easily (although I thought it was my period but the pms seemed oddly early since I recently started bleeding this week) and now it feels like I’m surrounded by a ball sort of thing that’s just kind of draining me of energy. Stuff like this happened when I was younger, in my teens but never this bad and all at once like this but when I was younger I believed it was just my pent up energy/depression manifesting itself and basically me terrorizing myself. I’m not sure what to make of all of this, it sounds insane and the premise to a terrible horror movie but it’s real life and no where near as fun or able to escape. If anyone would know what to do or would know how to help or knows where I can get help, please contact me, I’m at my wits end and I I have no idea what to do.

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I wouldn't be too worried unless the scratching continues.  Many of us scratch or scrape against things and think nothing happened, but later we see marks and wonder where they came from.  As for the fan, I'd start videotaping it and make sure it's doing what you think it's doing.  Check your hearing.  The breathing you hear may be your own.

Why don't you start with replacing the salt lamp? Start simple.
I don't have money to buy a new one, but I'm planning on taking it to the shop to see if it can be fixed,i just need the store to be open when I'm able to go..

The more stress you are under and the more negative you feel the more that can manifest into a spiritual energy. It's nothing freaky or crazy! It happens to me as well. Take a shower,run garlic salt water over your entire body. When you finish wear something white for purity. Take sprinkle some garlic salt around the perimeter of your home (front, back, sides, car, etc) Go back inside and cut up some cloves of garlic and place a small sliver over each window frame and door frame of your home. Go to your altar, get five white or black candles and place in a reverse pentacle. Call upon your guardians and let them know you need assistance in banishin negative energy from your mind, body, soul, and home, light the candles in a counter clockwise manner, and burn some sage/sweet grass (a bundle) in a counter clock wise direction starting in the south , move west, move north, move east, and end in the south. While you're moving in a counter clockwise direction while smudging your home with the sage/sweetgrass bundle speak the following: "Guarduians of the watchtowers of the North, East, South, and West. I call upon you and invite you to join me in my quest to rid myself and my home of the negativity surrounding me which has manifested itself. I'm asking for your assistance in taking the negative energy with you when I dismiss you". You can chant whatever else you want to rid yourself of this negativity. When finished, dismiss the guardians, let the sage/sweet grass bundle burn to ash. (You do not want to re-use it due to its prior use), blow your candles out in the reverse pentacle form. Be sure to cleanse all items used in salt water!!! 


You really cannot go wrong cleansing the room with salt and water (Holy water you make yourself) and frankincense.  After my mother died I went around her house 3 entire times with these (first the salt water, then again with the frankincense) and I could feel that she was gone.  Always start with basic house cleaning.  If that doesn't do it, then, yeah, I would find a reputable psychic to check it out.  But do your housework first!


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