I have got to be the clumiest person I know...Today at work I fell...UGH...I am an inspector...I was standing on the carrier, checking the torque on the steering wheel...After i was done, I stepped back and stepped on a cable...It wiped me out with a big thud and then a loud scream...everybody looked at me like I done lost my mind...lol... with my hair stuck in my safety glasses, I proceded to stand up, dust myself off and go back to work...Oh well, I lived to talk about it...Lmao...just thought I would share...

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Thanks Stacy...I'm kinda like the energizer bunny, I take a licking and I keep on ticking...lmao...
I'm clumsy too. Thankfully I don't go high up. I've almost fallen out of my living room window (2nd floor apartment) but my boyfriend saved me. thankfully. I forgot that the screen had fallen out and thought the pane had been closed until i tried to put some weight on it to pull another pane shut.
I am really glad your boyfriend was there to help...
Can you believe that I did the exact same thing...Of course, I had locked the damn dorr and my girlfrien who was 8 months pregnant had to practically climb under the car to get the keys...The worse part of that was, I was taking mail to my mother who just happened to be in the hospital...She not too happy when she had to come to the ER to see me...LMAO...
LMAO. I love the sign! "Do Not Be Worried. I Am A Trained Professional."
Maybe we should hang it on our doors or something...lmao...
Omgs, Lol! That reminds me of this one time when I was with my former sister in law, I was getting in the trucks back seat, and she got in, some how she shut the door before I was sitting all the way. I said "You shut my fingers in the door!" She didn't believe me right away due to my laughing my ass off. She noticed I wasn't sitting down and I just kept laughing (NO I wasnt on drugs! LOL). Finally she turned and looked at the door and yelled "OMG", and opened the door. We both laughed until we cried. Funny shit.

Let me just say, she didn't believe me because I am typically a prank player, and used to do stuff like that alot.

Fond memories. :)
oops.... wow you handled that with graceand style... i would have screamed in frustration. lmao
UMMMM...Just call me Grace...LMAO...
thats too funny...i wish i felt better... my tummy hurts too much to laugh today.. we have some sort of virus running throughout the house.
AWE...I hope you feel better soon...



You are not the clumsiest person in the world. I might have you beat. I have broken my toes so many times by walking into the wall. Yes, I walk into the wall alot.


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