So I can't for the life of me figure out where these came from. There is no way, even with my hand placed like that, that I could exert enough force to leave those markings, with my hand like that I would have more digging and scrape markings, the thing is, I don't really feel afraid of it, I'm not uneasy about of and these type of implications usually leave me a nervous wreck.

I started practicing astral projection recently and have issues remembering what happens, no person, from my recollection, did this to me, my family has a history of projection and clairvoyance, and sleepwalking, but there is no way for my actual hand to do that, pictured is my left hand print on the right side of my right thigh. The other picture shows there is no way to do this and leave that sort or marking.

I know the idea of astral bodies moving or affecting physical objects is not always widely accepted, but I don't know how I would have caused those markings.

I Practice projection and medtation, with protection, light visualization as well as circle forming, sage burning (smudging), and using certain stones,:amethyst, tigers eye, assorted jasper, carnelian, and agate when grounding is really needed.

I measured the width and length of the bruising and I am sure they match my own hand.

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Ive tried but it wont let me from my tablet, had to get on a computer to fix it.

I took care of it.

I agree with Rose, it could have happened while sleeping. Or during astral projection that you got injured or was grabbed there.

iron issues

How did you come to this diagnosis? What is your medical background?

I bruise easy, it's common knowledge that low iron produces easy bruising of the skin.  I was Anemic when I was younger.  A simple blood test will reveal if she's Iron deficient.  I will say, that my Iron deficiency also included brittle finger nails, and a pale sort of green hue to my skin.

Women are the most prone, and the more bruises you have, the more the body depletes the iron in your body.  It's part of the healing process.

When I say 'easy', all you had to do was grab me with a little pressure, instant bruises.

Makes sense,SIN.
I have come back from an astral trips with small scratches before. Sometimes the psyches u bump into can leave impressions. I usually try to meditate and go to spas for a week or so to keep the negative energy low. A poem just came to u hopefully it will mean something to you

Me myself and I, we will dwell on the animals
For animal souls are innocent as god has told us
In his eye is on the sparrow

His heart dwells in the farmers for their minds go not
Far From the earth

Blessings be

That looks like common bruises.   Any active movement, dance, sex, playing with a dog, jumping rope, gathering firewood, moving furnature, etc., could have caused that kind of bruises.  And, they are not severe enought to have noticed at the time during an energetic activity. 


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