new to the ways. I recently stumbled across wicca witch matched most of what i believe in i have been researching it and trying to learn as much as i can ever still exploring it hope to learn more and begin my spiritual journey.I would love to learn all that i can BUT i know i can't do it on my own that's i was kinda looking for guidance and a teacher someone to teach me and help me on my spiritual path of witchcraft and magick. Im a SHY person but i like to make new friends im interested in meeting other people that have same interest.THANK YOU for taking the time to read. and have a BLESSED day  if you can help me please let me know as soon as you can


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just continue to read all you can, and then look for and ask questions here for what you don't understand. With time and practice, you can do it on your own. It's not that hard and sometimes all people have are themselves

Start looking into Crystal Magic. It's a good place to start. I can give you some examples of stones to start with, if you are interested.


yeah read materals and find out what it is u belive or if u even want to be on that path..

just dont start trusting people blindly idk.. good luck

and my advice would be to wait awhile before doing any spells. Enjoy and discover the spiritual side of the path first
I have been practicing my path for the past 2 yrs now and I agree that reading as much as you can is the best place to start. I also found that connecting with other like minded people in my area was a great help. I looked on witchvox and also did a search for pagan groups in my area. I was lucky enough to connect with a great group of pagans in my area that were very accepting of me. It is not a coven, just a social group. We do have open rituals that members are encouraged to write and share with the rest of the members. We have a women's group, study groups and a craft night where we can just get together and have fun. I was able to see and be a part of rituals from many traditions. I still consider myself an eclectic solitary witch, and I still haven't found the best path for me but I'm sure I will find it when the time is right. Good luck to you on your new path.

hit the discussions,add,participate,ask questions.........look to your OWN roots.ENJOY the dance around the circle, you,sit by a fire,listen to your dreams,talk with the olde ones here,get involved,research ,take nothing at face value..I always recommend two books fior new folks.A itches Way of Life by Kayla Trobe and The Witches Book of Wisdom by Patricia Telescoe.....Also a good Witchcraft encyclopedia...


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