Hello! I'm Anna and im pretty much new to all of this..I guess you could say this is the start of my spiritual journey...completely new to paganism..ex Christian..(brought up in the Christian Faith) found it too restraining and and my personal beliefs just didn't allow me to follow the Christian path..so I finally decided to follow my own path. .I've always been curious about paganism and all the various 'denominations' (if that's even the right word) ..I'm not sure I'm drawn to one specifically..Im from Wales in the UK and im drawn to my countries history and heritage.. Aswell as Celtic/Wiccan/Norse..
I was wondering if anyone could help me? What books would you recommend? Any kind of study references to help me find my way.. Or where do I start? Haha.. Hope I've made sense to you all.

Any help, support or advice is welcome. Thank you x

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i found Wikipedia a good source for info on dieties' history, etc.

Welcome to PS!

Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson


The complete illustrated encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Practical magic by Greenwood and Airey 

Are good places to start. I am sure you can find Mastering Witchcraft in an old pdf format somewhere.


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