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What a ditz! sigh. Why can't we get an eloquent spokeswoman who knows what she's talking about??
I was going to say the same thing..Total Ditz...and she doesnt sound like she knows what knows what she is talking about.
She sounded really lame. To bad she wasn't able to communicate past her giggles.
Ugh, I know. I wanted to choke her. lol
What an absolute dipshit!
Yes and it works for her:)
LOL! To each their own, I suppose. She's just annoyingly funny. I can imagine her on her rooftop in sparkly makeup invoking Air then blowing bubbles!........Actually, that sounds fun. lmao Though her stupidity make me want to strangle her.
No shit. I like the wee lassie.
Oh great. Now the fundies are going to say that Obama was elected through witchcraft.

On the plus side, thanks to her bubble headed demeanor, maybe we'll be seen as fluffy and non-threatening by the masses, thereby not worth worrying about.
what you gave BNP two seats!!! oh american right
Hmmm, could only get through about the first minute of this. It sounded like complete drivel, which is something I tend to avoid...

"wish for things"... indeed.


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