ANYONE have a GREAT HOLIDAY traditions in your family,path,grove,neighborhood ,ect you do? Or Winter Solstice traditiions? We do our fire ritual and Thank the Powers That Be for the year we had,what we are looking forward to this year and our goals. Scottish tradition,of First Footing,is bringing a small gift to a neighbors home on entering.

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PLEASE POST pics!!! Sounds great and magical and what a fine tradition!!

I Do have pix from previous yrs..but I'll take more & see about posting them on my page.. = )

Post them here too!!! Love to see them!

I usually make my home made Yule log on Xmas eve. This year I'm making a pumpkin Yule log with cream cheese in the middle. Nummy. I'm also making slow cooked roast beef with veggies for dinner on Yule. My fiance and I always go for a walk and look at the lights during the evening of Yule its my way for connecting with Mother nature and enjoying all the beauty she offers us.

All my family is Christian's and I'm the only Wiccan so when I visit my family I celebrate Christmas with them. I also open a gift Xmas eve its a childhood tradition that I have always done.

SOUNDS very enchanting and wonderful RAVEN KELLY! ENJOY!! I open any gifts I get too!!

I make that Pumpkin roll myself, the family changed the name to Gold Cake. Cause they fight over it like it's Gold.  

AH,you are a good cook,then?

Let's see, Yule log, cookies, Pumpkin Cake... Family!   I made little gifts for any who come over as well.

Little Lanterns made from recycled material. That's it.  Keeping it simple this year is key!   Blessings all.

ENJOY!!  Nice you are close to each other......

my hubby and i celebrate by drinking sparkling cider and eating sugar cookies. the sparkling cider and cookies are offerings first, (at least to me) my hubby being christian just drinks it because i cant have alcohol and i dont like grape juice.

Every 2nd year myself & family go to a church on xmas day & assist with serving those that are lonely or less fortunate & cannot afford xmas.  The church provides the food we serve it up etc.

So every 2nd year is one of service to others just a way off saying 'Thankyou' for all I have been blessed with this year :)

There is nothing more gratifying then serving those less fortunate then yourselves or giving off yourself to help others.

There are a couple I only heard of yesterday that are also starting up providing meals for the less fortunate on Xmas day I dnt know who they are but I will seek them out & see if they need assistants!!!

THAT is AWESONE KATHY,truely!!! I contribute too ths time of year and donate. we have also invited military mrmbers too for meals. I'll look for the YULE LOG pic.


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