ANYONE have a GREAT HOLIDAY traditions in your family,path,grove,neighborhood ,ect you do? Or Winter Solstice traditiions? We do our fire ritual and Thank the Powers That Be for the year we had,what we are looking forward to this year and our goals. Scottish tradition,of First Footing,is bringing a small gift to a neighbors home on entering.

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The outcome 4 Xmas was awesome .. I love serving others its a blessing when 1 gets this privilege.  Ummm I guess I can say my blessings 4 providing this service this year was I met someone.  We're now discussing our future 2gether ...  Hows that 4 a bonus Xmas lol

CONGRATS KATHY!!  that's great!!

Would u lot please stop talking about all your yummy food I'm getting hungry :)  Can someone tell me or put up a picture of a Yule log or how to make one pls thankyou :)


Because I don't have a fireplace, I have a Yule log that I have candle holes in and decorated. I use it every year. I spend te with family and friends. I also celebrate.
 Xmas with my family. Usually decorate a tree and put lights up. Make spritz cookies and just enjoy the  beautiful decorations everywhere. 


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