How Did You Come Into Your Profession Or Did It Choose You?

Just curious as how many of us have come into the profession we're currently in. Did you choose it or did it choose you? For example, I was going to go to college to become a Music Teacher as I had played in instrument since I was 8. But, then for some reason decided to go into a mans profession at that time and became a Civil Engineer working for Municipalities. I truly wanted to be a stay at home mom, but after getting divorced, had no choice but to work my butt off for my 2 kids. And my ex worked as a clerk in a grocery store and ended up a Garbage Man making $45/hr.

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I actually started cooking for my entire family when I was twelve. Mom and Dad both worked so I took care of the house. I actually was very good, I could follow any recipe. I have always used those skills to work in restaurants and have always been pushed into management. I guess it comes a bit naturally since I was watching over my two younger siblings and cooking and cleaning. I still work in restaurants but I am trying to find work Monday through Friday, normal hours. I really love the job I started yesterday. I was working in a restaurant that I just never really loved. Now I work with a bunch of really laid back people, in a very, very wonderful environment. It is interesting, I just always fall into restaurant work. I guess it is one of my talents.
Blessings Denise..I have to say that most people when going out to eat have the tendancy to go by the restaurants name or environment. Not giving the Chef or staff credit for the hard work they put into serving people food that is delicious and they have a treat by not having to cook themselves. Very few people will comment on how fantastic the food is at blah-blah's place. Just that they like to go there. And I feel being a Chef is a natural calling as not everyone can whip up specialties and have it taste delicious. No matter where we go out to eat, I always tell the waitstaff to tell the Chef they have my compliments as it is that person busting butt to put food that is appealing & good tasting in front of you. I will say prayers for you so that you may be able to find a schedule that is suitable for you. And yes, you are very talented:-)
Oh Sage, my heart goes out to you! The early part of your life sounds exactly like mine. I was lucky to have my mom watch my kids while I worked part time & going to College to get a profession so I didn't have to rely on a man to support me as my "ex" hardly ever paid his child support. And when I finally ended up getting a good job, as I've said previously was hit by semi and unable to contine profession, so became babysitter for daughter until I couldn't lift them anymore. And maybe you just weren't supposed to work as you were needed elsewhere. And you had a hard life! That makes you a very special person! You had determination, drive & stamina to continue to exist for you and your child. My witch's hat off to you my sweet. Not everyone is cut out for big jobs. I know I wasn't. I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but never got to. When I finally could, was too late. Kids were grown then. We all have a purpose in life. And all of us are important no matter what we choose or do! I'm still trying to find my purpose, lol. Much hugs to you and thank you for replying:-)


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