I do not understand my eldest daughter...She calls her dad who is only her stepdad, all the time...She does'nt call me, or she she answers and says she will call me back, she never does...I text her she does'nt respond...I do not understand what in the hell I did to her this time...Before I go any further, She Is A Christian...I have not been the best Mom, in fact, every mistake you can make, I made with her...I am really getting tired of walking on eggshells...It seems as though she only wants something to do with me when I am doing what she thinks I should be doing...I just needed to vent...

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I am sorry you had to suffer like that, I know it must have been hard for you to forgive your mother...You are one hell of a daughter :)
I'm not sure what her age is but just be patient and never stop loving her...hopefully she will wake up one day and realize she has taken you for granted. I didn't have a mother growing up and I feel I missed out on something very important in my life.
I am sorry you missed that in your life...She is 26, and I know this too shall pass...


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