Do you dedicate a ritual or simply pray?

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I don't. My reasoning is because I have no connection to them. I was adopted at the age of six and only have a vague notion of my heritage. I consider myself a Druid paying homage to my British and Polish ancestry, but that is as far as it goes. I give thanks for who I am by living to be the best person I can be.
Then this discussion does not apply to you.

yes it does. They asked "Do You", Psyche answered honestly. Saying that you don't counts as an answer.

We Tamil Indians have the habit of conducting rituals for our ancestors. We cook their favorite dishes, and get their favorite stuff and place it in altar and conduct simple rituals. Also some other rituals like immersing the rice ball in the sea will be done to remember them. 

I don't, after all I do not even know who they were. I do honour my mother at samhain though

I have no idea who those people are and i don't nessecerily care. I may thank them for having sex, that is just about it. I feel the same as Psyche.

Personally, I see this time of year as a reminder to moreso pray then to do a ritual. Doing a ritual for ancestors is something I am not comfortable with and therefore will not do. I plan on having an ancestor altar but not worshipping them.

If you do not worship ancestors, this discussion does not apply to you.

I give offerings to them and have a small shrine set up.

I also honor them by learning about them, their cultures(my family got around) and recording them as much as I can w/no money. 

i dont worship them but i do honor them. i make a special dinner for them every saturday and say a prayer to them. 

How do you differentiate honor from worship?

Ancestor veneration is not synonymous with deity worship, nor does "ancestor" always mean blood relatives. Honored ancestors can be cultural/religious elders or those who were a direct influence on that person's life, like a mentor.


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