Paganism changed my life. It made me more aware, awake, and alive. It made my life more positive lots of goods things has happened to me when I became pagan.

How has changed you?

One word answers are accepted. For example, Paganism has made me more: aware.

(Only positive energy please. Take your neg. energy somewhere else because it's not welcomed here.)

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Yeah. Wicca empowers women. I'm not sure. But I think that only paganism religions worship both a male and female deity, which makes me, as a woman feel good about myself.
I was raised Catholic. I could have continued that way and been a "good Catholic" without ever giving a thought to Jesus or the bible (these were never very emphasized in my Catholic upbringing). My favorite Catholic school-girl activities were making wreaths out of flowers and putting them on the statue of Mary at school. Also, I loved all the patron saints. In fact, I was really a pagan without really realizing it. I was very interested in the occult. I was able to "see" the future sometimes and we always asked deceased relatives for help. This is the Irish-Catholic way. Never bought into the prudery. always loved sex without apology!

I think I was always a pagan. I just sort of "shed" the group think and mind control that the vatican represented.
here, here
I have a xian friend, who told me that we (people) are all evil b/c we are all born into a world of sin. He doesn't not deserve to live. I do not deserve to live. Nobody deserve to live. Because because of Jesus' grace. He died for our sins. So that we may join him in heaven if we turn to him.

People are a LOT more accepting here. You would be called crazy anywhere if you spoke of dreams coming true, magical powers, and psychic ability
I have always been a Pagan and as a child was sent to the usual Christian churches which were not for me I realised this even at an early age but this soon passed. When I was older I began to ask questions and discovered my path. I kept my discoveries to myself as at this time being Pagan was most definately taboo. I remember asking the sort of questions most kids of that early age did not ask. I soon learnt to keep my own council and kept my private ME very private until I found friends who were like minded. At this point I started to live my life as I do now.
For me it was more like returning home, I came from a Christian background (as did many here) but it never quite felt right. When I first descovered Wicca and then other Pagan systems I though well this feels rigt ,not exactly what I belive but better. I then eventualy became a "Christian Whitch" buy incorperating my belifs from both systems. This was before I found out that there was such a thing as a Christian Witch. I basicly went with what felt right and natural. I has been great for me I feel more at home, aware and connected. I am not going to lie and say it has all been roses but I would never go back to before.
it helped me discover my true inner spiritual self, ive become more attune with life and and the world, even the whole universe. I see the world with a new pair of eyes. All i can say is that i am deffinitely more consciously aware and have a better bond with the universe and can now comprehend its mysteries, it has totally benefitted my life.
Wow! That's good. I'm very happy for you.
im more mellow ... and i couldnt find anyother religion that fit who i am...
Same here
l have always known in some way that l was diffrent and wanted diffrent to what l was getting taught as a young child
and it took me a long long long time to find out what me so different and when l did boy has it not changed my life
l have never felt so happy and at peace with myself and what is around me
ppl used to say to me when l was a child why do you want to look at the trees etc l used to say l do not know but now l do
so yes Paganism has changed my life in a very possitive way
and l have never been so happy
Blessings to you all
Amythest Moon x
i just never fit the mold ( i come from a jewish path and felt like an outsider)ive tried christianity, but it doesnt fit me either... although i love being inside catholic and eastern orthodox churches. Mostly i am too analytical and free spirited to be tied in one place for very long.

yes it is a home coming for me as well.


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