Paganism changed my life. It made me more aware, awake, and alive. It made my life more positive lots of goods things has happened to me when I became pagan.

How has changed you?

One word answers are accepted. For example, Paganism has made me more: aware.

(Only positive energy please. Take your neg. energy somewhere else because it's not welcomed here.)

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Centered, aware, alive and exploring the mysteries (rather than overlooking them).

Needless to say, my wife is VERY happy with all the changes in my life.

MM & BB,
I am no longer suicidal... I am more confident...and I am more compassionate... and I no longer have anxiety attacks.

When I was a practicing Christian, I suffered through both depression and anxiety attacks. Being a faithful person, I would start to pray whenever I felt alone or overly stressed. Prayer, for some reason, triggered a lot of misaligned guilt. Most of the time, my praying would leave me drained and wondering what would happen if I wasn't alive. For the longest time, the only reason I didn't commit suicide, was because I didn't want to make my mother sad, and that I would really miss her.

To help the anxiety attacks, I started meditations. I started with calming and relaxation (the ones that teach you to blank out everything). I had a lot of success with that, so I started doing introspective meditations. Around this same time, I was doing personal research trying to find answers to a lot of Christian based questions, and I was researching other religions.

Eventually, I realized that a lot of my core personal beliefs were echoed in Wicca, Native American Spirituality and shamanism. So... I started Dancing, I started Spiraling, I started Casting, I started Divining.

Everything I've learned, everything I've experienced; paganism has helped my find my strength, my temperance, and my peace.

...well... a little temperance anyways. ;-P
Paganism has changed me. I think I have always been who I am.But being Pagan has changed my lifestyle and certainly how I see the world. Aware that we all have our own opinions, how the world grows and the beauty of mother nature.
What a beautiful comment.Amethyst. It is all around us, all we need do is look. To borrow a phase, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don't think we have enough beholders. I even somtimes forget. Thank you for reminding me. BB&MM LR
It is hard to add anything to this discussion. So many wonderful people with good things to say...
Finding a Pagan Path freed me as I did not fit any of the more conventional religions. I'm not sure I became Pagan, I think I always was and simply needed to find my way.
Terrific response!
it did not change me... the only thing that changed is that i'm not hiding anymore, but it's not of the paganism but because of the click i had in my head at one moment.
I was always the odd one out the outsider you might say ,but now its changed me because i can see the reason im different ,and im relaxed and calmer within.
I feel like Thor and Odin is calling me back feels reallike a real path


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