Just wondering,how much do any of you care what's said online either about you ,to you,how it affects you,does it make any impact,does it change anything for you,ect? I hear ALOT,I dont care about anything said online.........see,I do,as I have connected in REAL LIFE and know many on Pagan Space from traveling and many are in my area. What i find just a tad odd,is all the time some of us spend on here,would it make sense not to care at all? Still,one decides just how much it matters......thoughts?

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Whatever you are talking about.

There are things about you that I honestly admire, but careful attention and developing a good sense for what goes on in others is none of them.

You are really not doing yourself a favour with reacting here to me because one or two remarks I have made on the previous page itch you so much.

Why should someone like Ezekiel work for Walmart?! I read all the time they do not pay properly and they treat especially smarter workers like shit. He does not look like a masochist to me so far.

TRY WAL MART,I hear they are looking for new hires.....IF you couldnt care less EZEKIEL then why would you care what their thought process i9s to get to WHY they comment as they do?? SO you dont care about people offline or online,what they think? Do tell......You'd be the first humasn that doesnt

WAL MART,the dollar store,become a lawyer,the drugstore,kmart, WAL MART was just picked at random MAIRE,because if he cant get a job at the PAGAN STORE,then branch out........do you have WAL MARTS in your area or country? You prefer I dont respond back to you? Geezzzzzz MAIORE,you are being fickle...it seems.....you know what empowerment means,too,I believe

We do not have them here, but everyone speaks very lowly of it, there is a lot of disdain. The Starbucks had to close many shops already here :) They thought they would have an easy life with their 'philosophy', but no.

The tendency now is more to try to starve companies which have no culture in treating employed properly. The free market is not slavery.

You prefer I dont respond back to you?

I...I like it when you read the words I actually put here, for a start.

I read them,MAIRE,just dont ALWAYS get your points and  reexplain mine when you read them not as I meant.....forget i said WAL MART then,any other business other than the Pagan Store,it was just popped in there,as everyone is familiar with it


Walmart + Ezekiel =not really, well at least my guess.

I was not implying that I do not want you to reply to me, the sentence meant that it wasn't such a good occasion exactly this time, rather for you than for me.

GOOD points KRIS....... My real name,most people know also,Heather Gauthier....

i dont care what people say about me or to me....mainly because ive been dealing with criticism my whole life and could care less what other people think. if i cared i wouldnt leave my house or talk to anyone. im opinionated and i like it that way.....take it or leave it.

it all depends on who said it and what was said. that's all it boils down to. if it was something negative by a dear friend or loved one, yes i'd be very upset naturally. if it's someone that means very little to next to nothing to me? i could care less. so the value of who and what is what it boils down to. because when it comes from a loved one who is supposed to "know" you then their words can cut to the core. but an anonymous face online who knows only what i allow them to know? meh. nah.



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