OK I'm a very sexual person... holy heck... I guess you could say I'm addicted to it - but I normally keep it to my husband...and my husband is good enough to keep it unto me.....LMAO
= How many out here are sex freaks????? sorry I'm one and will take it where I can get it but.... its the feeling I get from it... its like a major high - I don't know how to explain this thing

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I am also a sexual person, but for me it is a mixture of mental and physical. I cannot have sex with someone purely for physical reasons..i have to actually like them as a person..so not sure if I am an addict..I guess i am simply not shy about it.
Very well said.
Let's just say I masturbate 4 times a week.
I think I masturbate like 10 times a day sometimes I think there is something wrong with me but I like it so what the hell
yeah..i hear ya on that one..lmao..i guess i like me...
is it wrong to "like me" LMAO
not in my way of thinkin..lol...it ensures that we will never have lack of sex..lmaooo
Hooray for us! I do it too!
wow. I need to up my ante! lol
is that it?????? DAMN there must be something wrong with me LMAO
my husband tends to get mad at the power "moter" LMAO - I just say at least I'm feeling good
I only wish I could find a man that could please me like my toys do heheheehheehehe!!!!!


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