OK I'm a very sexual person... holy heck... I guess you could say I'm addicted to it - but I normally keep it to my husband...and my husband is good enough to keep it unto me.....LMAO
= How many out here are sex freaks????? sorry I'm one and will take it where I can get it but.... its the feeling I get from it... its like a major high - I don't know how to explain this thing

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I enjoy my darling,hot sexy husband.I believe the absolute best lovemaking is made out of bed by our communicating,fun,passion,living life,humor...and THAT makes good sex in bed!!! We are both passionate people. Good sex (or mayhaps bad for some?)is HEALTHY!! Dr. Oz on Oprah recommends it!! Sexual spellworking is powerful,so aye,count me in!!
GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!
I think the whole thing for me is the not only the pleasure and being with my partner - which for the past 6 yrs has been my husband.... and no one else... however for me it is an exchange of life giving energy... and a way of feeling your own energy in a complete explosion.... and then the feeling of that can last for hours days weeks.... for me it is almost life giving... so honestly for me it is not just that I'm addicted to it (which I am) but the fact that I feel so blessed and energized afterward.... in my own beliefs this is a necessary function in life and is necessary for my own beliefs - don't know if this makes any sense to anyone else - but oh well - I'm just speaking for myself here
Sure.makes sense......
HORN DOG HERE AND A FREAK lol Scorpio enough said LOL U all know I started a sex group to talk aobut this stuff.... But ten times geesh U way past me how do U find the time?
I tried sex magic LOL what about groups? anybody try it.
In between laundry loads and dishes LMAO!!!!!
I Have been studying, learning and practicing Tantric techniques cuz I adore masturbating, especially when done as worship of Goddess .

I am particularly desirous of and best able to achieve non ejaculatory orgasms during parts of the year when I work from home and can go BareFoot 24/7 for weeks at a time, the sensations have an erotic aura about then , I guess it is the idea of keeping an erogenous zone (my soles) in Naked contact with Gaia
Yes I think its possible - sexuality does not have to be defined between a man and woman - man and man, woman to woman either - for me its a way to find yourself...masturbation is a way of loving the "self" and then it grows from there... once your comfortable with that - you tend to grow from there - whatever kind of sexuality you are.... - thanks for throwing this concept out there as well...
I enjoy sex to the fullest but with my work schedule and my hubs, we're on the opposite end
I work days he works 4-12 pm. so when he comes home I'm sleeping
when I leave he's sleeping
so on our off days we catch up on other stuff and sex once in a while
I'm licking the monitor.......so that counts!?
I don't care, at all.

Though, I am too lazy to find a partner.

wow, I am to lazy to have sex.

oh well.


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