There is nothing I despise more than rapists and I think were too nice to them in this country. In Kuwait they're executed I think they have the right idea. I know one person who was raped and I think it really messed her up, I didn't know her before it happened but it seems that it good be the source of a lot of her problems-naturally. I think murder is bad of course but with rape you leave that person alive but they're often permanently damaged so in a way it's worse than murder. I know if I had a daughter or anyone I knew who was raped and I found out who did it, I would probobly end up in prison and I think most people with a daughter or sister or friend or whatever would probobly be very tempted to deliver their own justice. Just something I've been thinking about, thoughts?

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I wouldn't define killing someone that is a threat to society murder. When the military kills terrorists it's not murder. In my opinion murder is done only for some self motive.
Oh. I don't like war/killing but in a realist, it's a part of the world we live in, an ugly part but a part that's as old as human history and I doubt it will ever stop.
In other words many humans are violent animals.
I don't know after the world trade center went down I wanted to find whoever was responsible and give them a big hug!

I have my own separate opinion which I will state after reading all responses but here I feel the need to qualify that when the death penalty is carried out or when the military kills people it is actually is considered homicide. That's how it is marked on the death certificate and in the autopsy report...that's what it is.
Lovely cavalier attitude you folks seem to have about this profoundly difficult problem. Will you be adding statuatory rape to your list of human sacrifices?
Adding statuatory rape to the situation really does muddle things so i think we would have to discuss that separately.
Actually different statuatory's should be discussed separately. There is, i think, a vast difference between pedophilia, statuatory rape where the minor (reasonably) agreed, and rape that was forcible but couldn't be proved as such so was charged as statuatory....

...there are so many flavors.
Which is why the "one-castration-fits-all" solution doesn't work. Just sayin'.
And does the televised thing include female genital mutilation, too? Just checking.
All punishment aside, I think that the most important thing is that they cannot be allowed in society for a long time, if ever. Many of these rapists are repeat offenders and they are let back out far too soon.
Exactly I think they at the very least have sacrificed their right to freedom.
Well, I think in the USA the word "rape" is used to describe many things that should be classified/described by a different name....

Assuming we're talking about the activity that should be called Rape (non-consentual sexual intercourse obtained through force or fear), I believe the penalty should be death, or at lease, life in prison.


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